Levi says he wants to be the girl dancing with a fan at 2:33. If you can’t dance with a fan you can’t dance with a sword or two. Also the only people bitchier than the people in the fashion industry are dance teachers.

And it makes sense to me, because I know he did my bun in this photo – and I know this photo doesn’t really look like me. And no matter how hard I try I can’t get my hair to look like this.


So at uni there were a few really great film makers, they made a music video. Around about this time I was already depressed and I wasn’t going out looking good… so thats why everyone looks so boring and terrible. Including me!

In this… me and an old friend jump onto a mattress with a boy called “Lee” sleeping on it. There are feathers. It was sort of edited out, by some coincidence, but theres a particular pivott movement that I did where I kinda turned on my feet – and he always says thats his signature move. He doesn’t wear shoes with a sole-print on (I have a pair of thigh high boots that he doesn’t like me wearing much because he wants them) so that he can pivot like that.

Also feathers are an Anubis thing.

One time after a huge fight with my mother – I’d been really, really nasty to her. I sat outside the front door and opened a book and a white feather fell from the sky into my book.

You’ll probably never see me physically fight someone (if I’m in the right mood I’ll win, if I’m in the wrong mood I’ll let you win) but if you’ve ever seen me have a proper argument … iunno. I’d win. Unless I pitied you. Or fancied you. It’s fancying people that gets me into shit.

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