The White Queen

3 things yee should know about the White Queen

  1. She’s like, MEGA autistic. SHE CAN’T HELP IT OK
  2. She doesn’t celebrate Christmas because she’s JEWISH, OK??!!!!
  3. She’s not that bad once you get to know her – she’s pretty self sufficient and doesn’t ask for much but if she does ask you to do something – just do it

    Also – do not accept food she’s made. Ever. EVER. Even if you’ve watched her make it.

The Beavers

I actually see Me and Kanye as Mr and Mrs Beaver… being married some place
He’d be Mrs Beaver and I’d be Mrs Beaver and we’d be like, really old in beaver years and still have no children because we’d never have sex – obviously, because that is fucking disgusting. We’d only refer to each other as “Mr Beaver” and “Mrs Beaver”. We’d be each others hypemen forever.
He’d have a little sewing machine and I’d go fishing in our front garden because I’d get lost otherwise.


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