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I know everyone and their weird three times removed cousins know my passwords but please don’t fucking edit my stuff. Thanks.

50 Shades of Graphic Design… So – grey is a very popular colour in interiors now. A girl once told me that the reason the background on PhotoShop is Grey is because apparently it doesn’t really impact the colours that you put beside it – supposedly it’s neutral. It’s not.. really… but it was quite a significant discussion only in that there is a significance of colour gradients and how “desirable” colour palettes seep into our consciousness and kind of shape what imagery we enjoy. So some people on youtube for example like to use a “warm” (what you know as “colour filter”) – I prefer cold colours. Blues. Whites. Purples.

So do you know what made grey? SuicideGirls. Pink and Grey.
SuicideGirls brought grey, William Morris damask in… (As a child I wanted blue damask wall paper and my mother and sister refused to let me have what I wanted – instead I was given blue snakeprint with pink bunnies and dinosaur door knobs. Which was only conceptually cool – my weird ten year old friends were like “you’re too old for this”.) (They later realised that I have more taste than either of them but they’d never admit it out loud)

The most notorious Tupac/Biggie, Leafy/Idubbbz drama of the internet was when there was a SuicideGirls versus GodsGirls case and yesterday it became overwhelmingly obvious that the GodsGirls founder and the SuicideGirls founder are twin flames.

I’d of been their weird kid. SuicideGirls is why I am great at graphic design – they had an “art coordinator” called ChloeRiot who I used to think about all the time – she was probably quietly the internets greatest influencer. Her work inspired EVERYTHING. I was trying to find the Skins stuff – but their promo was a boy sitting in a bathtub and zoning out – things like damask wallpaper with terrible graffiti. Suicidegirls is my Aesthetic and responsible in no small part for my digital-artistic talents. GodsGirls is why you know who I am. (And I never really had to get naked either)

People used to sign up as members especially to read my blogs. Annaliese never told me that, but a lot of those members did. Kind of like that scene where Tim finds out that Jenny has been incinerating his fanmail.

Archetypally – Annaliese is Jenny, Sean is the cute submissive dad that probably takes his anger out on his staff and I am Tim.

If me and Annaliese could cope with each other – she’d admit she was thinking of me when she embarrassed herself in a taxi (because she really isn’t the kind of person to find either appropriation or a dancing doll offensive – I AM.) (Child me is) (Older me is the kind of person to see beauty in a banned book featuring people with blackface as absolute art) – she’d admit that I was occupying drunken-her. That conversation she had was almost directly my telephone conversations with my bank, back when I had cash in my account.

This is me and Annaliese. Mensa-boys from the hood in women’s bodies.

Back to Graphic Design. This couldn’t of happened without Suicidegirls.



At fifteen years old – me and that girl used to take photos of her in ballet shoes and I called it “Ballet Bondage”. She ended up being a pretty celebrated photographer for a few years. Being an “internet” photographer does count, by the way, more than having your work shown in a gallery. People don’t often go to galleries but they spend all day online.

In any case… you’ve no idea how important Art is

Like people can pretend not to have lurked me all they want but I kno0o0o0o0ow when you’ve lurked me (and you probably know when I’ve watched you!) (WHY DO PEOPLE MAKE A BIG DEAL OF THIS?) (BECAUSE PEOPLE FANCY EACH OTHER AND IT MAKES THEM FEEL VULNERABLE AND PEOPLE ARE REALLY SCARED OF BEING VULNERABLE BECAUSE THEY’RE SCARED OF BEING EMBARRASSED) (I’m not that scared of being embarrassed I’m just scared of not looking cute)

I learned about “automatic writing” from a skins episode. I wrote a 14k word fairytale when I was in a weird breakup phase. I took inspiration from everything to childhood history books about the Stuarts to people I’d met seemingly in passing.

You don’t want to admit it but
1.) it was >> this tumblr << that brought minimalism in.
2.) the SG/GG fight- LAW SUIT – was about ME because there is no way Sean Suhl didn’t know EXACTLY what Annaliese was doing. Kind of like if they divorced and were fighting over custody. (Which sort of happened a lot of times in my life though I had no idea)

(I look back and realise it was no coincidence that I felt compelled to tell my mother that I loved Dita Von Teese & SuicideGirls… and that I was allowed erotica)

(Annaliese Nielsen is a fragment of my mother…)

You know how people on the internet love calling celebrities stuff like “MOM” and “DAD”???? THAT IS BECAUSE WHEN I WENT CRAZY and realised we’re all fragments of one another – that I commented Annaliese saying “HI MUM!!!!” and it kind of caught on

(Sean Suhl is a fragment of Jay-Z) (Who is more of a business man than anything else but when he writes a song I like, I really like it.)

(Or maybe I am like the weird kid that gets manipulated by their mum to be mean to their dad cos I got pretty verbal about the lawsuit when SuicideGirls were cute enough to actually ask me to be on their site)

Also… photoshopping my passport – but I justify that – if I hadn’t of done that and if Annaliese couldn’t look through all my old blogs – she wouldn’t know for a fact that I am a time traveller


So my ex Ahmed/Kitty, that “balances my energy” – and wanted to play rock paper scissors – is Ekko. Psychics versus time travellers….

Jinx is Annaliese

Here’s my shitty script ok?

So Ville Valo’s dads name is KARI… He owns a SEX SHOP. He has an effeminate, sensitive son who is a fragment of him quietly considered the sexiest man in the World and who hides behind mean boys like Bam Margera (and is probably secretly the meanest and most fucked up one but hides it pretty well) (what became of subtlety?)

And he is actually an artist – who was largely responsible for our current taste in art. The HIM packaging and marketing is unrivalled.

Anyway so doesn’t this sound like a song I’d of sung before I turned into a vampire?

Anyway so

My script is people obsess over me and pretend not to

People call me Vanilla but I’m probably a lot more messed up than you and it’s hard to tell because the only good sex I’ve had was with an alien and his/her? shadow self who tagteam asphyxiated me and made me orgasm and then had me killed


If I didn’t choose to have a child that looked like this with genetic modification, I imagine this is Levi as a vampire with white hair.

My grandmother’s hair was all white at twenty five and she had a secret thing with a Japanese emperor >:) He gave her two shitzus and the embassy arranged for her to have an office with Japanese paper and a huge Buddha she fed rice to every day.

I don’t know if I’d call them Twin Flames but I do know that if Ville Valo wants his come back he has to turn Kourtney Kardashian into his super chic goth princess. Cos Kim bagged Raprock star and Ville is like, the unacknowledged Rockstar Goddess

I am an unrivalled matchmaker and also a lot of people are famous because of me, so0o0

OH and I know Kourtney is psycho about sweets and apparently in Finland they use xylitol gum sweets so you already have something to talk about

When I see myself as a “character” I have zero issue with it being me, even if they have weird flaws. If it’s me I’ll own it

This is ALSO me. I am matchmaker and heart-throb. FRAGMENTS

Also the reason that I’d be having the thirteenth soul is because I GET the Moon. All these bimbos think the moons really, really great and pretty but it’s a compulsive liar. And having exclusively dated and befriended those – and having loved them unconditionally – who else could do it?

Dark side of the moon isn’t mysterious he’s just a fucking liar


Not born yet, not you. If you think you’re trunks it’s because you’re in love with Trunks. If you get a picture of this in your head or really believe this is you, please go do something productive like a decent drawing or reading a book or something. Don’t have sex with your girlfriend/boyfriend. Thank you.

There is a version of this video that has Lil Kim listening to a chatshow on the radio discussing her – “Lil Kim is the Queen – Nicki is a Queen in her own right” ….
and I wrote about it in a tweet saying “think of this as a mother driving to pick up her naughty son”



He likes this song *vomit emoji*

It’s literally my karma for joking about calling Levi Oedipus.

If your kid has a crush on you or any of their parents/guardians can you please make them aware of how gross it is – it’s NOT OKAY. THAT IS ATLEAST 10% OF WHAT BABYSITTERS ARE FOR. Gonna hug you once a year in a hazmat suit

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 16.25.58.png

This is one of my soulmates – wait. This is Archangel Michael making a pretty song for Lucifer. Might not of been thinking of me but your soul sure was

I’m Miss White. So I’m glad we’ve cleared it up that I am Foxie Cleopatra, Lil Kim, Beyonce etc

This is me making Mika Doll do the best dance that has ever been danced. You were on MDMA / an “x pill” and you – a ridiculously sociable person – went off to be alone and dance in front of your laptop. We switched bodies, I was occupying you and you were watching yourself

This movie was a gift for my mother – a woman who auditioned for a movie to play the Virgin Mary – and got rejected because she was too sexy.

We should do it again but let me film you this time

Looky what I made you dooooo

Lets get something clear, illuminati

But I’ll make you think so if it makes you happy


So here’s a piece of Art I made years ago. Here are some rules.

  1. Don’t EVER insult “Lazy” girls. We’re your muses


2. Don’t EVER insult MEAN girls. At best if you have the guts you can ask them where they learned to be so mean. If you really have the guts, you’ll ask them to TEACH you.

15111131_340304749680485_3888615152054669543_o“sometimes you have to make people upset to fix things.” – I drew/wrote this at nineteen. Aren’t I the best babysitter??????????????????????????????

ARENT I????????
Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 18.37.23.png

Don’t worry, I didn’t invent drips. (But have you seen me drip? No, probably not.)


You can thank >> StuntKid <<

This was the first art print I ever purchased.


Milk, pillows and blood are like. My things.
Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 18.41.54.png

3. This is not a dominatrix. Because she neeeeds to be worshipped. Kind of like God, actually. But I mean… aren’t you like, really lucky if you get the chance?

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 17.44.56.png

I’d set her up with an old friend… The one in the back.

His names Alex. I edited the colours for this photograph. Aren’t they perfect?

I had a huge crush on him for yearsssssssssssssssssss. I found him on VampireFreaks wearing a skirt, but it was someone catfishing him. And then their profile got deleted and I found the real one. He’s sort of more of a bad-babysitter than anything else and he’s like, ten? years older than I am. I gave him a silver (Like, not real silver, I was like 18) sacred heart brooch once.

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 19.00.27.png

He’s a fragment of ME/Levi/Alexander McQueen/Bruce Lee, BLAHBLAHBLAH. Taught me the word “Leet”. Things get confusing. He’s bi and crushes on Johnny Depp. Our twins are usually fragments of Johnny Depps…

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 19.01.07.png

Watch out for him.. he’s one of those hacker/programmer types. He’s dated lots of dommes and life destroyers (he has a fetish for those) and I have a hacker fetish. If people fancy nerds it’s because of me.

Someone made a fanart of him. >> ref <<

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 21.21.20.png

Once when I was super high I had the voice of the woman in Ladytron in my head and she said “What was it Sartre said?”

“Hell is other people”

4. This is a dominatrix. Because she teaches you to be your very best self and her self esteem comes from empowering others. She allows you to be the “pretty one” because she already knows she has no competition (don’t confuse teachers for competition)


Case in point: Kylie Jenner. The least cute one with the most adored sisters in the World. Lets everyone shine and have their moment. She’s like, the wealthiest/prettiest one. Lets not lie to ourselves.

The only issue I have is that she lost the crazy pole dancing fourteen year old self and now all the girls that want to look like Kylie-brand strippers are like, pretty bland personalities. Kim gets away with being calm and mature and well behaved because her rise to fame included a porn video and Kanye is probably going to be president, when people realise how the collective consciousness works. Unless Oprah comes through – and she should. Or unless Jay-Z mans up and comes through, which he could – afterwards. Jay-Z is to Kanye what my brother Omi is to me – I couldn’t of happened without my brother Omar (which means a FUCK OFF tonne of you couldn’t of happened) and thats sort of why he’s the closest I’ve ever had to a dad.

4. Don’t be a dick to your “messy” or “slutty” or even “ugly” friends, because they make you look “tidy” or “virginal” or even “hot”. And chances are the “ugly” friend has a lot more personality than you – has a louder laugh than you – makes you look like the funny one. Don’t forget that.

Do not bitch about or mistreat the people that laugh at your jokes. And the ones that don’t laugh at your jokes steal them later.

Perfection is a spectrum and if thats the way you want to market yourself you kind of have to pick “imperfect”. Have I told you how I am all about that spectrum life?

5. Don’t mistreat your fans unless you plan on adopting them and making them a protege.

6. If someone you’re obsessed with adopts you, don’t mistreat them when you’re better than they are cos they paved the way.

7. Admit that I paved the way for you, you “well-behaved”-secret-whores.

8. Admit that I made you look cool

9. I accept apologies in cash, public confessions and direct – NOT IMPLIED – references art

10. See how fun the Planet gets when *I* am having a good time, I dare you

IN OTHER NEWS, HERE’S MISS MOSH. An old-friend called Paola had a pet kitten called Mosh. (Beyonce and Shakira made a belly dancing video for us…)

She had a go at Lady Gaga because she inspired the bandages scene in her video with Beyonce. 1. Fragments 2. Did you sue…?? Cos if you sued you sued yourself….??????????

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 18.44.38.png

This is Yolandi and Ninja being mean about Yolandi.

In their defence, they were trying to tell me (lets not be so direct – it’s a soul thing – I am a fragment of Ninja and their daughter Sixteen.) that my “friend” (who shared a name with Lady Gaga) wasn’t a very good friend at all.

But there’s a lesson in that – somewhere – being mistreated by people you love. Of course – don’t let people walk all over you, even if they’re so successfully manipulative that they make you pity them (DADDY ISSUES) – but also a lesson for people who mistreat people that love them. I mean – do you know how strong a person has to be to love someone like you?

The person that allows themselves to get close to you, does so knowing that they can destroy you – and your security in letting a person love you is knowing and trusting that they would never do that

If I had done to you, what you had done to me, you’d of killed yourself


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