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Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 03.00.21.png

Edited 10 August 2018

FYI I did the V fringe before the cybergoths did
Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 16.53.00.png

Edited to add 7 August 2018

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 12.11.56.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 12.16.10.png

Being called ugly/horrible (when really I was always just being honest), being the ugly sister/fat girlfriend, watching my older siblings being given stuff and not being given stuff – spending most of my life not getting what i wanted but making the best out of what I was given – being put in all the bottom groups for everything, not getting the parts i wanted in school plays, letting people hurt me because I knew that I could handle the pain (that they often couldn’t of)

When I was called “nasty” it was often by the people who hurt my friends – and some of those people never recovered from that nastiness, and the ones that did recover from it are tough as fuck – you’re welcome – blahblah moan moan complain – my hard time was entirely to do with my looks and actually, that helped me develop in ways most people never had to.

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