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Here’s an interesting thought if you’re into film or games

So – the only games I enjoy are generally God-Mode or 2D – I’m talking about the framing and angles. I have a direction problem so it’s very difficult for me to know where I’m going if I’m playing from a point-of-view angle.

So when I think of our spirit-guides (and I don’t mean people who can leave their bodies to BABYSIT) when I think of our actual spirit-guides – I wonder how it must be for them – what they’re looking at or through. I know that as a medium I sometimes channel – I discussed it with Lisa when I last saw her actually.

I said that before I put my hand in a flame, I channelled Lady Diana and that she said she had been murdered – then I tried to write the name of the person who had orchestrated the murder and I got the name wrong. So this made me feel as though I was mistaken for a long time – which was why I brought it up. (Although as talents go, putting your hand through a flame without it burning is still pretty intense – and I’ve tried since – it’s not something I can just “do” as an on/off magic trick, I really have to be told to do it.) Lisa said that when you’re a medium, you still retain some consciousness when you’re channelling. So you don’t completely lose control of your mind. Whatever you’re channelling still has to work with your vocabulary, your personal abilities… even on challenging your personal beliefs if it’s necessary to convey information.

The ONLY time I have ever done a ouija board was at University when I was living in 77. I was in the room with Arthur, Oscar and a girl who is now a pretty e-famous gamer (And I’m super proud of her for it.)

We started the ouija board but nothing moved. However – even Oscar admitted that the energy in the room changed. It just felt creepy. We didn’t close the ouija board because the glass never moved.

That night I went to sleep and I woke up the next day with a green bottle resting on the pillow, beside my head – and it honestly terrified me. I do not drink beer. I know that men can leave their bodies but this felt frightening. I rang up a psychic who said that the reason that nothing happened was that we had invited a poltergeist and that they were actually hovering above my head. She described the kitchen. She said “oh it’s here now!” and she could see it, a dark shadow. She also said I should ask it to leave. I did, but I knew it hadn’t. I rang up Lisa and told her and she was irritated I’d done a ouija board. She said it’d go – and I’m actually not so sure it ever did go.

A lot of the residents in my house got the flu and actually it was kind of fun. We moved mattresses around on our floors and had sick-slumber parties where we’d toke bongs and sleep and cough and kind of snuggle but not really.

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