Like imagine if people found out that I was Donald Trump’s ghost writer and that “covfefe” was actually MINE???

1. We have quite similar writing styles and so it’s the delivery that gives it context
2. When I was on medication that made it like, impossible to be happy or laugh and I was upset because a guy I’d liked for eight years treated me like absolute shit – Donald tweeted “covfefe” and made me laugh so I’m actually kind of in debt to him (I know you can’t empathise but imagine spending years of your life laughing about two or three times and realising it was all the result of a few guys playing a weird BDSM game with you and having a really hard time about it because you had a really high self esteem in spite of also being perhaps the most comfortably self deprecating person on the Planet)
3. I’m really bored of people publicly bashing Donald Trump. If you read things I write we obviously – OBVIOUSLY – don’t share similar views on ANYTHING
(I like people who can’t speak english more than I like people who can speak english, I don’t actually have all that much of a problem with people owning guns/knives etc and think America’s laws are WAY too strict on that, I think there should be more pornography and naked people available to EVERYONE etc)

and I think pop culture has manifested a thing where people who get really mistreated by society end up having the most power. Iunno.
I’d really encourage you to SEE him as a normal person.

I know that I sometimes think it’s hilarious that my mother is a little bit racist and hates arabs (she’s better with that) and I sometimes think it’s hilarious that one of my ex best friends sisters that I had known since she was about thirteen, turned out to be a lesbian (I knew the second I met her) and that her mother was a huge homophobe and then she LEARNED to be tolerant at around the same time that her daughter ended up sleeping with my boyfriend of four years that I was living with

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