b a m b i

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Remember that you can be influenced by something and have absolutely no idea. I wonder whether Disney got any royalties for “twitter” and “tweeting”.

This is supposed to be a really serious blog and it’s turning into some kind of strange tumblr and I’m absolutely not having that – but someone joked about Kanye West being one of his biggest influences AND HOW DARE YOU MAKE A JOKE LIKE THAT. HOW DARE YOU. I am to Kanye what Chris Crocker is to Britney Spears and you might think I should be embarrassed but I’m actually not

I think being the self appointed president of the Kanye fan club is a very normal aspiration

I know people really, really struggle to understand my sense of humour (and then when they “get it” they actually steal my jokes) (people not-laughing at my hilarious jokes is sort of part of my joke making routine actually) and how I write and that can sometimes end up being awkward for me years later but I am at least 0.5%? joking

ALSO YOU’D NEVER KNOW IT unless you really really really upset me or i really really really fancied you BUT IM THE SCARY ONE

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 14.11.04Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 14.11.59


bambi picked the wrong one cos meano deer was totally flirting with bambi

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