I got extra moody this evening and then I had a little meditation where Blood reminded me of a book I had read that discussed Atlantis, Karma and Spirit Guides – and how on one occasion the author connected a woman with her guides, and it turned out that her spirit guide is a beaver. If you piss your guides off they leave and get replaced with something else. Also you can be assigned new spirit guides. It’s sort of up to you to get to know and understand them.

Anyway she kind of reminded me of that and then I laughed and remembered The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe beavers.


I think she sees herself as The Wicked Queen and also hangs out with “Morgrimm” (an ex and I had a cat I named “Morgan” – we picked him up as a kitten… off a crazy bag lady in Camden – he used to joke that the name “sounded so gay” and actually that was precisely the effeminate vibe I was going for – and the joke was later frequently used in that show “Archer”.) and she makes a slave of a boy wearing a HUGE super pimp fur coat

And all of her entourage are basically pygmies and animan hybrids who are totally hideous and badly dressed she does not give a FUCK that she is the only well spoken one wearing nice clothes and looking cute

No but… yeah, when I made the beaver connection lots of things tied together and I started laughing a LOT. Seriously if you want to be a candidate for the end of the World you have to be able to laugh. Do you know how much less scary that Island on Lost would’ve been if they all sat together around a fire eating the remains of the people that were lucky enough to have died after immediately building a shelter for the MEAT before ANYTHING and you’d have to move pretty fast/rubbing the meat in salt (which I’m sure there must’ve been a lot of as they crashed by the seashore and described their true natures while laughing hysterically?)

Also human meat is a lot like pork – you can actually cure it for a few years before eating it IF you store it right. Which you CAN do in heat and without a fridge. Not quite kosher but neither are like, polyester and cotton blend underwear. Don’t ask me how I know – I have no idea how I know that.

John Locke had like, a vast collection of knives and I think people who’ve been in prison would get pretty upset to know that people had access to plastic cutlery and didn’t think it couldn’t cut through human skin

It reminds me of a call with a psychic once… who told me not to be friends with girls that are prettier/wealthier than me – which is pretty much all girls. NO FRIENDS.

haha I’m lying

(about wat tho?)


I love how he runs upstairs to cry on the roof and howl at the moon

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