Anyway it’s good that my ass consoles me when I’m feeling a bit miserable.
Because honestly NOTHING ELSE does. Seriously this photo of my ass made me feel better. I could quite easily have photoshopped my stretchmarks out (I am really good at photoshop) but they kind of look like lightening and I’m into that.


If you, like me, enjoy taking photos of yourself not looking terrible (although I can do that quite happily too) and anyone ever rudely asks you why you like taking photos of yourself so much – ask them why it bothers them that you’re attracted to yourself. Because someone being threatened by your being attracted to yourself is more frightening by far, than your being attracted to yourself.

omg ok so i photoshopped my ass to make it a bit bigger and I’m not as good at photoshop as I used to be but how good do i look? I can’t wait to be able to afford a fat transfer.


Omg I did it some more. Can you tell? I think it’s really subtle


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