omg ok serious chats, because shoes are serious to me. So I was on Asos just looking for shoes and I felt like I was cheating on Public Desire and then I was like “I’m not finding any shoes I like” and then I found some nude thigh high boots ON SALE and I was like “OMG I’m IN LOVE WITH ASOS AGAIN” and then I clicked on the thigh high boots and they were Public Desire. That was fun.

The boots came in the post and I put a cute playsuit on just to take a photo. I dress up for my shoes.

I look miserable here but that is actually just me modelling. Ha this girl used to bitch about me behind my back – she once said that I liked to look miserable. Well first of all I am very hot when I’m miserable and second of all no one is miserable when they have a new pair of boots. I just wasn’t wearing any make up and this look worked. Also I am sexually attracted to dark eyes and would never try to hide them. Google “L from Deathnote” and “Levi Attack on Titan” and you’ll understand why.


This bra is wayyyy too small for me, which means it fits perfectly. The shadow is a little unflattering and I very almost deleted the photograph but this has been taken with a macro lens and also most – not all, but most – of those ample cleavages belong to women donning implants or push up bras that you’ve never seen up close look like this up close. Also I have a little belly. I like little bellies because I like belly dancing and belly dancing doesn’t always look good if you don’t have a little belly. Also I like biting people where they have squish – not in a sex-way but in a AW CUTE NAMNAMNAMNAM way. Both of the guys I am presently interested in a very serious relationship with in have little bellies too. I probably wouldn’t bite their bellies though because they don’t wax their stomachs. The guys I’m in a very serious relationshipses with are apparently concerned for their privacy so they don’t mind if I say stuff like that because you are never going to find out who they are anyway. (And actually as a time traveller, I’m going to tell you right now that they will regret the request)


If I lean back like this it looks a bit better. Also. Behold. The boots


Dw there are more photos of the boots.




Oh, basically I do a bunch of things when I fancy people. I give them cute nicknames that are unique to them and often better than their real names and I also like to show them pictures of shoes I think would really suit them.

So if I fancy you, I just wanna say you’d look really good getting married to me in the amazon via yes or no button wearing >> these << in our four man tent, separated with zip compartments and padlocks. Tintin really likes to have his own space. For privacy/leg room/humping teddies, so you guys could probably quite happily share your own compartment. I need my own. I really need him around because he pisses on your stuff when you’re fucking me over and/or cheating on me. And you can’t even get mad at him because he’s adorable.

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 13.28.27.png

Omg when I was little I used to cry in shoe shops because the cute shoes never fitted me  – it was always the ugly clompy shoes that fit me, but heels fit me really well and it’s hard to walk long distances in them, so I have a legitimate excuse for not walking when I join the Israeli military.

Fyi If you are male and I ever send you a pair of shoes that aren’t brogues or boots of some kind I am fucking with you. That means I am either lowkey mad at you or I am flirting with you.

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