This is the most incredibly beautiful catalogue photo I’ve ever seen and I’m buying this playsuit from Zara.

In my head there are two books I think need to be turned into TV series, and thats “The Book of Night Women” by Marlon James and “Tithe” by Holly Black and basically I keep looking for editorials depicting black women and trying to work out the perfect visual aesthetic and colour palette for a series that takes place during Slave-Trade America that isn’t predictable and oversaturated – you can’t beat or repeat the Colour Purple, which I’m going to watch today. I know that I’d probably want to film it in Mexico though. It’s really important to me that black people acknowledge that at the root of their culture is actually a pretty magical practice of Judaism and Kabbalah. (Wendy Williams joked that her son Kevin had had a “blackmitzvah” and I think that was a really significant identity reclaiming moment in both Black and Jewish history.)

I kind of want a cast of all the beautiful, tough black women who are totally responsible for people thinking I’m scary when I’m actually super nice.

I already know how I want Tithe to look though because I fully get/adore Holly Black’s brain and sometimes feel like I walked right out of it. (Kaye in a purple catsuit…)
I don’t think anyone understands Marlon James’ headspace though because it’s probably always changing because he’s a weird wizard that is constantly changing energies and visual landscapes because he shares energy with all of his characters.

More on the colour purple – one time I was helping someone to understand colour theory. The problem with University is that a lot of lecturers expect you to go in – which means they brainwash you with their opinions. A lot of lecturers also expect you to validate your own opinions using texts that have been authored by other people, rather than creating and formulating your own language.

So for me – the notion of Pantheism was deeply important because I think that to find truth you have to take information from every perspective. Film is a language on it’s own but its roots are in art and arts roots are in religion, self expression and documentation. For example you think of cave art … how did the people doing the cave art decide on their colours and how did they decide what they associated colours with?

I looked at Dorothy’s red shoes in the Wizard of Oz and I felt like they signified slavery. Hmmmmm.

OMG imagine if I could beg Oprah to be in The Book of Night Women? omg. DREAMS DREAMS DREAMS.

Also – I remembered something just now. This girl I knew once told me a story about Whoopee Goldberg (who was one of my favourite actresses as a child, particularly in “Bogus” and “Sister Act”) (I admired Left Eye in Sister Act before you all did) (Lauren Hill)
(My spiritual teacher once joked that my older sister was into black men – even though my first crush was Sanka in Cool Runnings – and that I am into black women)

Anyway she told me that apparently Whoopee Goldberg was watching Star Trek and saw a black female character in it and said “look mama there’s a black woman on TV and she ain’t no slave” and that made her want to be an actress.

I love this song like I’m LEEEEEVIIIIIII

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