J’amie is my future daughter Blood, Courtney is my future daughter Khleo

Kwami is probably Jaden Smith/Jacob Sartorius or something listening to B talking about George before he realises hes gay

Also they have at least two mostly gay dads and a million French maids, so…

For a moment I had a thought-chat-exchange with Levi – like, I scrolled past a Levi fragment that I used to call a babe all the time. If I fancy a person that I know I will never ever be with – I will like, tell the universe I fancy them really obnoxiously.
If I fancy a person I think I could actually have any kind of chance with, I might indicate it or hint at it or be really bitchy towards them. And then the chances of me ever acknowledging the fact ever again – even if I date them (and if I date them, perhaps like about four years into doing so) might I actually post a picture of them. And probably not in my vicinity. Unless they are rude, embarrassing or I am trying to save them from a death sentence in the Congo or some other such ridiculous circumstance in which it would benefit them.

I scrolled past pictures of this fragment that I had posted and I thought “did you post that?” and glanced at a colour that means “yes” and then I thought “would you ever actually admit it Levi?” and I scrolled past this

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 02.55.11.png

It’s only vaguely amusing or strange if you read forum posts from a million years ago on GodsGirls – I once wrote that if I had a son I’d call him “Byron Oedipus Othello” – Boo for short. And I had a thought chat with him earlier this year where he said “Don’t you DARE call me that”

And then someone I call sexyman who hasn’t thanked me for saving him from deathrow in the congo told me that he’s Mahjin Buu and I realised that his mother and I share a name and it’s vaguely awkward for a lot of reasons

And actually that fragmentation nonsense is probably why I should date Aliens but Aliens don’t want to visit this Planet because they don’t want our negative energy. Like y’know when we get “stomach aches” and things – they don’t want that. And because our Planet is so preoccupied with embarrassment or some other excuse not to tell the truth a lot of people are prevented from meeting their Spirit Guides who are often far better romantically suited to them than the humans, because they vibrate on the same emotional frequencies. Your spirit guides emotions are literally connected to yours, so when you feel like shit – your spirit guides feel like shit. When you are happy and in love and paralysed into some kind of utopian inability to do anything, your guides feel the same.

Also when a person falls in love with their guides they end up raising their vibrations and people are attracted to them. Kind of like what happened to me after I sat in a Dodecahedron in Lisa’s room listening to a meditation about Pleidian Guides.
The concept is relevant here – as above, so below.
Have you ever been really into someone who was kind of distant and then someone came into your life that was a lot easier to be with – and you ended up being with the easier person but spending all your time thinking about the distant one? Well. Yeah.

Anyway. Negative energy.

That is literally why Aliens don’t visit.

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