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we buy shit game for 1p
we make 49 p profit

no one want play fifa anymore


i LOVE cex

(Amazon prices for stuff I’ve wanted – and been looking at on and off – for MONTHS have mYsTeRiOuSlY gone up since I told them that their business practices are frighteningly unethical and that their investors clearly know fuck all about good design/work “ethics” and that they should treat the people whose spending habits (and therefore privacy they invade) that they so closely observe with a fuck load more respect. I guess being schooled about business by someone whose only ever really run a café/that companies have been scared to hire because she does a better job than many of their higher salary bracket professionals must really, really hurt.)

My flaw is my energy levels and not being interested in “deadlines”, but that is what happens when everyone wants to be you.

Oh I ordered some edible gold foil – sold as “real gold” – mmk – and upon trying one I realised that it must’ve been made from some pretty poor “gelatine”. It had no list of ingredients so for all I know it could’ve been made from human bone glue. The thing is, karmically, I’m not responsible for that at all. It had a little Indian-art inspired logo with an elephant on it. Maybe I ate an Elephant. That’s not on me – that’s on you. Thats on who sold me the item. That’s on who facilitated the item being sold to me. Thats on anyone who knew and did nothing.

Years ago I knew that at some point I’d be hired by freemasons for chats in cafés for advice as to what to invest in.
Karma and business. A book I should’ve really authored by now – when I ran a café I would try and see some deeper spiritual truth to everything I did. When you are tired as fuck, and in physical pain – waitressing hurts by the way, if you’re doing it right – it really hurts. So my thoughts were entirely focussed on the deeper meaning to that work.

Before University I sat on a train reading a book about karma – the author whose name I have rather rudely forgotten had a conversation with a very wealthy woman about her spirit guides and essentially told her that her spirit guide was a beaver. You might be surrounded by lots of very successful people that make you feel important, you might be unimaginably wealthy – but like the kind of people you attract in “the game” – y’know, the better you think you’re doing, the hotter people come your way – wherever you find personal value in your life. Good for you – you do that – that is a reflection of who is watching over you spiritually. I’ve got a few your Planets very favourite Gods and I’ve got Lucifer, my personal favourite. I’ve also got time on my side because … you know.
In this book – the author said that it’s technically bad karma to come to work if you are suffering with a contagious illness – because you could potentially pass it to other people. It’s bad karma to borrow pens from work, it’s technically being paid to steal. (When I worked in the café I wouldn’t even take my own TIP money unless it was directly handed to me by my boss. And it was never handed to me – from her angle she had important stuff to do – from mine – I felt like that belonged to the independent business I was working for, that I knew was having financial difficulties.)

Why do you think the BEST business people are SPIRITUAL? And have an understanding of SPIRITUAL LAWS? I’ve been using Amazon since 2005. Treat loyal customers better, they know your service better than you do.

Spiritual practice begins with service. Lesson one. You’re welcome.

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