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“police cuts” my fucking ass

I had a close friend and one of his bestfriends was an undercover policeman. A skinny black boy. They’d get him to wear smelly clothes and walk into clubs pretending to want to score some drugs.

Basically when the three of us went out one time in our teens we came across a guy abusing a drunk woman – they were in a relationship. I walked up to them and stopped it – he was so fucking obnoxiously violent towards her. The guys I was with were pussies and I think to an extent they would never have done what I did because they’d of thought that guy would punch them. I think I suggested he tried to. Men that have had experiences like that are targeted by the police – they look for people who don’t feel like they can do anything and say “but if you join us no one can touch you”


A relative of mine had a black friend whose brother was a (z-list) celebrity and whose half sister is a fucking supermodel. He got beaten up by the police. Like truly beaten the fucking shit out of. Ganged up on (LIKE I WAS – a girl everyone knew of as an Arab – yuck amirite?) and literally not legally allowed to defend himself. That kind of fucking torture makes you scared not to go out without some kind of protection. Police work is a fucking game. Years later by some coincidence – he ended up in Prison as I understand it.

This is the thing about British culture – finding vulnerable people – often kids, honestly – and making them believe they’re empowered by giving them a job that somehow gives them their “self worth” without any kind of real character development. We’ll make you a superhero/we’ll make you a celebrity. You’re scared to stop men abusing women? We’ll make you untouchable. Women don’t fancy you? We’ll make you wealthy. Women still don’t fancy you? We’ll let you rape them and protect you if you get found out.

The moment you work for any kind of “entity” that has you targeting kids that have been labelled as drug dealers – telling you that they’re funding terrorism for example – when actually terrorist groups are more often than not indirectly funded by governments (yes, including “jihadis”) – the moment you become the kind of black kid who has been so lucky as to have food placed on his table every night by a mother who was lucky enough not to have to work a night job and forget that technically you “shouldn’t even fucking be here” you’ll realise that you’re perpetuating some pretty dark shit. Your self esteem issues are not any kind of indication as to your inner purpose or the kind of work you should be doing.

Black people ended up in the UK post WW2 when British people needed their streets cleaned after the bombings. Don’t forget that. EVER.

Sirens are fucking noise pollution. And the worst thing is that the Police use their sirens to get out of traffic. There’s a build up of traffic at certain times of the day, quite near me. My immediate area is roads, a corner shop and a swimming bath. I hear police sirens ALL.THE.TIME. Is someone stealing an ice lolly or a pair of goggles, how are there daily emergencies in my area?

Oh wait – one time a neighbour had someone trying to break into their home. There was a pregnant woman who wasn’t from our area, in the house. The police took half an hour to arrive. Of course they got to run the second they heard the sirens, ha. I know no one wants to hear it – haha – but the Police target people like that. That is what they do.
What kind of retard tries to break into someone’s house knowing that they’re inside? How is it that by coincidence the Police were too busy to help out?

Society is kept stupid. I love Lush for this brave campaign. Thanks.

Also thanks to whoever took the photograph – I’m sorry I don’t know your name. If you ever come across this feel free to ask me to credit you. Or even take the photo down. (:

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