There is a tiny snail sitting on my 3DS. I wonder what they get upto when they’re sleeping. So I made a youtube-thumbnail before I started making the video but you get the vibe I’m going for, right? I’m really excited about this one.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 14.37.28.pngThe bee was illustrated by >> curlytail <<
Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 05.37.38.png
So I went to this girls school a million years ago (I’ve been to two girls schools) and in both of these schools my first week was quite eventful. In the first one, during a music lesson – picture the new girl in a class full of super bitchy girls – it was a really sunny day and our music teacher had left the door leading to a fire escape to the playground open, to let some air in… a bee flew in and landed on me. I screamed the-scream-of-pure-fear and fell onto the floor and curled up into a ball. Really. That was a fantastic social suicide actually.
In the second school I got drunk on my first week. A girl brought in a flask of some maybe rum? And we drank over our lunch break. I am a lightweight. So I was scribbling in a science class and I glanced at the clock and wrote on this note to myself that it was fifteen minutes til the end of class. I glanced at the clock again and it turns out we were fifteen minutes INTO the class. Either that was some fantastic dyspraxic clock reading or I time travelled. At the time I was certain I had time travelled.
The teacher teaching that class did not appreciate that I wasn’t listening to her and probably knew I was drunk, too.

Anyway I am a time travelling Bee Queen. This Planet needs many, many Bee Queens. Bee Queens keep the Planet beautiful because they make the flowers grow, and that is the mantra of this little video.

Also I edited this sometime later to add that my snail has disappeared. I am a terrible baby-snail sitter. THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS THO

When I lived in Dubai I used to be obsessed with dinosaurs and collect beetles.

I had a nurses bag that I wandered around with, and put the beetles inside of. One time my older brother, sister and I were in a jeep and I dropped the bag and they all kind of swarmed a bit and it freaked them the fuck out. That’s where I learned to be afraid of insects I think. The way that people treat insects that they’re afraid of can be pretty violent and I think that says a lot about human nature – that we kill what we’re really afraid of.

My brother did a lot of drugs and he’d have hallucinatory freak-outs where he’d see spiders in his bed and thought that I’d put them there.
I did a mini-meditation with a spider and thought a lot about anansi – you know, overcoming tiny fears is an important part of getting through much bigger things.

The last time we hung out we saw a spider and he wasn’t afraid of them anymore either.

Edited 3rd June to add – LOOK WAT I DID DANCEY DANCEY

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