Let’s play “pretend” okay, this is me “pretending”/describing what you might like to believe are “alteregos” – fragments of myself. Pretending.

Lets call this one Jaeger – a Private Investigator for the Illuminati. Is obsessed with technology and answering questions no one knows the answer to. Is a fantastic psychic (gets it from me). Is the kind of thirty year old who would have millions sitting in a bank account and still choose to live in the basement of the home he grew up in. Has trust issues, as anyone who knows too much would.

At some point in his teens he arranges for his own satellites to be launched into Space.


Lets call this one Blood – she’s got a hidden disability. She’s autistic – but she’s really pretty so people don’t treat her in the same way they might treat a kid with downs. She does not do friends. She could if she wanted to but they wouldn’t ever know anything about her. She hangs out with her brothers and thats about it. She’s got a temper problem and doesn’t experience love the way you think she ought to. She is honest to a terrifying degree and has no guilt function whatsoever. Wants to be a mercenary.


And this is Levi. He’s an artist, has dyslexia, is good at everything, does ballet. Has no idea what he wants to do after military service, because he’s good at everything. Including genetics, time travel and not overdosing – because he really enjoys drugs. He is the best babysitter on the Planet. He takes girls out on phenomenal dates and buys them presents and basically plays “the game” to get girls out of “the game”. If you “play” “the game” well enough – no one will even bother trying to beat you and his sister has a license to kill and has 0 issue with murdering rapists. In the future – non physical rape is considered and judged as rape just as physical rape is considered rape.

He also has a younger sister who is the kind of sex addict that would allow herself to be roofied, so as to catch rapists to have them tried and executed. The future is great.


One day I’ll write about “shape shifting” and why I always look different – and why “models” always look different. It’d probably actually really weird everyone out though and put them off having sex unless they actually wanted to have a baby. Especially with people that do “baby voice”. Brown rings around nipples usually indicate pregnancy and I get them often – they come and go actually. I haven’t had physical sex since 2017. (And that was *very* regrettable. I actually don’t remember it – and I was completely sober. I called the person up because I knew I was pregnant and asked them if they liked the name Levi – I knew it was a boy. I “lost” it. I later found out that hobbitdwarf – someone who this person fancied a lot – had told me often about her fertility problems – was pregnant. Somehow, by some coincidence, she got pregnant at around the same time and by some further coincidence yet, it was a boy.)

My mother managed to have three children although she technically has a “child’s womb”. She was told she’d never have children.

Stealing is bad. *looks at you*
So don’t. If only because in about five years or so – this stuff will be common knowledge. Your kids will know who you stole them from. If you want kids, look after people and create connections with them. Be genuine. Really – be capable of loving people and treating people well, even if you don’t want to have sex with them.
Many of the people who have treated me badly have tried to have kids and not been able to, either because they don’t love themselves, don’t love their partner, or have never treated people well without wanting something in return. Having a pet is a good start to having kids – at the very least it teaches you to put the needs of another being before your own. If you ever hang out with kids, be the person you’d of wanted to meet when you were a kid – don’t put an act on. Be genuine.
A lot of people are reluctant to adopt but this Planet is over populated. There’s nothing wrong with having lots of kids, but if you can’t have kids – adopt before stealing eggs from fertile women. There are many stories about women who struggled to have kids, adopted and were then able to conceive.

There’s a character called “Charlotte” in Sex and the City – all she wants is a husband and a child. Everyone has a dark and a light side. She was obsessed with love but had never been in it. She was deeply caring for her friends but often didn’t value them for who they really were. People confuse “motherliness” for making people feel bad about themselves. Charlotte’s character is deeply judgemental. (I am pretty judgey too Charlotte. DW.)
My personal analysis from a “spiritual” perspective is actually that she had never been in love. She meets the Jewish lawyer (I LOVE bald, jewish men btw, and he is the best guy in the entire show) and she constantly tries to change him (making him wax his back isn’t what I’m referring to – that was legit her doing him a favour, actually that honesty-from-a-place-of-love was probably the first step to her being able to realise love) and I think she actually falls in love with him once they’ve already adopted, which is how she ends up getting pregnant.

Soul fragments do not want to be born to people that have not learned how to be themselves, soul fragments do not want to play family – because familial roles are outdated and don’t serve this Planet at all, and therefore kids do not want to be a replacement for your parents or the brothers and sisters you never had. (Some people want a family because they’ve never had one.)
When you have kids the person that your kids want you to be is the one you are when you’re with your best friends. Don’t be boring, kids don’t want boring parents.

Some people don’t have kids because they’ve been made to feel like they couldn’t do it. I knew a wiccan girl who was in a difficult relationship and she told me she “asked the goddess” to resolve her relationship issues and did a spell for resolution of that. She ended up pregnant, and they broke up. Esther Hicks says that sometimes parents are just a way for souls to “get through”. You might think “getting pregnant” is the easiest thing in the World, it’s actually not. I think you’d offend a lot of women suggesting something like that actually. This girl was the carrier for a disability that affects males – she grew up with a brother who had Muscular Dystrophy and who had exceeded his life expectancy by far, though confined to a wheelchair and resentful of the fact. This girl had watched her mother struggle with her brother and knew she personally couldn’t have had a disabled child. So she waited into the pregnancy to have a VERY invasive test done – and it turned out that the child was female (if the child was a boy they’d of had the disability) and that the child didn’t have the disability. I know nothing about genetics but I know the likelihood and odds of that are fantastically unlikely.
This girl’s brother would never be able to have kids, so her having conceived a child meant he could’ve at least experienced raising a child.
The guy with whom she conceived this baby was terrified of her having it – he was one of those ultra Christians that lived in a commune of Christians, whose parents were prominent in their weird ass church community. He wanted her to get rid of it. So all of their friends ganged up on her and made her think she had to get rid of it. She went to his parents, thinking “Oh, they’re Christians – if anyone is going to be on my side about this it’ll be them” … nope. They stood with their weird son, who shouldn’t of been having sex at all because they weren’t married. Its weird, to me, how people can pretend to practice a religion when it suits them.
She had a fully formed baby aborted and none of the people who forced her to do that ever apologised, and they ostracised her socially too. That is some weird shit, but that’s “people”. Thats what society is like.

When I was younger I used to always say that she would’ve made an amazing parent. An amazing friend – no. But an amazing parent. When I couldn’t tell my mother things, or when I had questions/fears about the female body I’d tell her. Iunno. It’s weird to look back on things. One time when I went crazy I showed her a photograph of herself and said “Thats what your daughter would’ve looked like!”. Someone in Denmark had Rosie… (when I “recovered” I let go of everything I learned during my “awakening”/psychotic breakdown whatever-sits-right-with-you and someone was playing “stork” on my behalf. I accept no responsibility for it.) (I imagine it makes them feel bad for giving me a dirty look, when I had a spoonful of spaggetti from their fridge when I was starving)

People were cruel about Blue Ivy when she was a baby (It’s okay Blue, if you ever read this somehow – I know you’re going to be a laid back super model cum super academic chica with hundreds of casual degrees and stacks upon stacks of books and an epic horse rider. I was a HIDEOUS and SUPER FAT baby and you’re technically one of the youngest supermodels ever, having been in high fashion editorials during the first twelve or so months of your life – and fully grown women were already jealous of you in the first few months of your life)

I’ll tell the universal-you this – you know that Beyonce and Jay-Z were thinking of each other when they were having sex (IT MATTERS).
Also this is super weird – I used to call my ex (the one that cheated on me lots – the one that looked a lot like a male version of me) “BLUE”. We used to mostly communicate using noises (it weirded people out a lot – but actually we always knew what we wanted.)

I lost a baby that I conceived thinking about a mutual friend of ours (I was never in love with that ex), went crazy (my Pleiadian guides removed the foetus from my body – it was important – it was always going to happen. If only to some extent, so that I could be sitting opposite a nurse who could look me in the eye and say “you weren’t pregnant” after closely observing the foetus – with a protruding and absolutely immaculate umbilical chord. The NHS LIE.) and then a fragment of my teacher Lisa (who looks a LOT like Beyonce) came to my home and was really kind to me – when no one had been genuinely kind to me in YEARS.


Super mortifying – I went to an acting class once and I actually did this gesture

Oh I’m gonna drop a bomb on you here – it’s not people with vaginas that “want” babies. It’s people with penises. Think about it… a lot of you think about sex every four seconds – doesn’t it make sense?

This is information you can further understand by studying with The School of Economic Science, who discourage people from either masturbating or having sex, even if you’re married: unless it’s to procreate. That is a little bit extreme to me, I’m quite sex positive if I’m in love with a person – but at least the choice is “informed”. Y’know – it’s important to know the truth about anything.

Onto the reality of abortion – I know Northern Ireland made it legal. I am pro choice because I am against anyone telling women what they can and cannot do with their bodies. But I also know that abortion clinics transfer and sell people’s eggs, use eggs for stem-cell research and even keep them in test tubes – which would be fine if I didn’t know for a fact that embryos are sentient enough to be able to communicate with words.

Abortion clinics are just another way for the Patriarchy to make money off women. But you still deserve full autonomy over your body, so

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