So I’m multitasking – I’ve done some arty painty stuff for my boutique (scribbles and flicking paint onto paper), I’m editing a little video diary of the last week before I uploaded my kids show, I’m pinteresting for recipe ideas and listening to this song because a lets-bae-er/a gamer totally just channeled Snoop for about thirty seconds.

Memory lane:
One time this girl that went down on my then-boyfriend in my bathroom, in my flat,
was scared to go out because some girls I used to live with were ganging up on her. They had basically destroyed my reputation and social life by going around telling my secrets, telling their own secrets as if they were mine – they never cared to admit that I was the reason that they looked good (if you dress thinking “I want to look better than her” – you’re sharing energy with ‘her’, ‘her’ is dressing you.) (If her is me, her wants you to look good so she doesn’t feel overdressed. Most hers are not like that.)

Those girls were hosting some kind of t-shirt sale at a local “anarchist” run cafe, after one of them saw some tie-dip-dye tops I got given as a gift in Syria by Mango (my “family” sold my grandmother’s house to the shop.)
I jokingly sent the girl they were ganging up on an Eminem/Dre song and said that if anyone gave her shit to ring me up. She didn’t get my sense of humour, english girls are very, very rarely funny. They’re excellent bitches, but seldom funny. Behind every funny British girl there is an Arab girl or a Black girl. In my experience.
Anyway, I got asked not to come to this event because she told everyone what I said. It’s ok, I’d have left after twenty minutes anyway.

Anyway that is basically, to me, the essence of feminism but I’m 100% into *~fraternity. I don’t want female friends my age, I don’t want to hang out with girls ever again unless they are super hot and aren’t the kind of person to waste their thoughts on negging me with observations they don’t have the guts to verbalise. That said, I think it’s important to teach men not to bully women. Every man on this planet has fragments in female bodies. So when you bully a girl, remember that there is some male version of you bullying some female version of you.

Here’s a tip, also – if you THINK someone is cheating on you – THEY ARE CHEATING ON YOU. NOT NECESSARILY PHYSICALLY. Lil Kim would advise you do the same, to minimise the drama. Love the one you’re with, if you really love the one you’re with.

Here is a Lil Kim song – the video is about fragments. Simultaneous lives. Because people keep doing the same thing, living the same story, the Planet has become a factory of twelve souls. The people that know and keep quiet about it accept something they want – fame or money, often. The big mouths that find out and have learned not to want anything are often put in psychiatric wards – energy slavery – or prison. Everyone else is sentenced to wage slavery, and energy slavery.

They tried to do that to me but realised that it’s essentially a terrible, terrible idea. Also that I’m royalty to a good.. terrifying percentage of the Planet. I don’t need subscribers or friends or followers, I leak into your brain when you look into my eyes and thats the human chain and the butterfly effect.

When I was little – REALLY little – I wanted fame for power. I saw a kids film called “ballet shoes” about three sisters who wanted their names in the history books. I once stole fifty quid out of my dad’s pocket because I wanted money so I could buy paint to fix up my mother’s shed cos that’s where me and my fake friends used to play.

If you aren’t me, if you were lucky you probably had a friend or sibling like me – or you were background noise because someone made you think that being boring is how to live your life

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