7 D

 I asked my guide to help me understand what being seven dimensional meant, and they said that the Mona Lisa was a piece of 7D art, and they said to write some “personal” observations about it. I never did but the suggestion stayed at the back of my mind. The most obvious being the unanimously agreed “wherever you stand in a room, the eyes will be looking at you.”

I’ve never seen the painting in person, but when I think of it the colours brown and green come into my head.

This is one of the pieces I handed over for my final year at University. I didn’t get a mark I personally found acceptable. That’s happened throughout my entire life. At the time I was simply trying to make sense of a lot of very frightening stuff that had happened to me – that many people knew about and had experienced non-physically – leaving their bodies to observe me – and yet still had lied. Probably out of shame.
There is – what you might refer to as a cult – called O.T.O. It’s rooted in I suppose the practice of understanding the ability for all beings to feel love of some kind and the evolution of that – amongst many of the things they teach people is how to leave your body – it’s called sex magic. Some people use heroin to do it. Some people use meditation. Some people sleep. Honest people have since told me, that I can do it – and perhaps I can, but I can’t see. What helps me believe it most was an illustration my brother did of me many years ago – a blue woman – when I was a child.

You don’t have to believe me – actually I’d encourage you to manifest a spiritual journey if you were prepared to do so, that allowed you the ability to come to your own conclusions.

No one had really accepted the possibility of my being a medium at this point in time. It was easier to think I was crazy, easier to think anything but that I could do something that they had perhaps decided that they couldn’t. I’m not special – certainly to anyone but myself – but if I can do stuff like this it’s because I spent a lot of time in a state of what I understood as being alone. And I never knew I was doing it. When I finally accepted it, when I said it outloud – someone asked me if I had read something and I had – twice – and it had impacted my life so profoundly that I got a chill down my spine that I ignored the real significance of until I started listening to Abraham Hicks. I said to that person “I have, but I don’t remember it.” In my life I would sometimes get opportunities and I’d be too tired or perhaps my memory would be too poor to be able to go through with it. I got a role (that I didn’t want, at all) in a school play of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night (The super boring school favourite got the lead role) and I asked to be excused from the play because I honestly didn’t have the memory for all of my lines. Also I think I was lowkey insulted at the role. I remember being taught that Shakespeare essentially had three ‘token’ female characters, the chaste woman, the slutty woman and what I understood to be a kind way of phrasing ‘the filler’ woman. Y’know, like a maid or something.
I was given a role that sort of combined ‘the slutty woman’ and ‘the filler woman’.
I got the slutty barmaid. Kind of obvious, to me. There were two different casts performing the same play – so everyone got a chance to have a role. Girls schools are so bitchy that everyone decided that there was an “a cast” and a “b cast” and actually that was a pretty interesting means of observing your place in a school that taught Vedic mathematics and sanskrit, taught meditation and yoga, and was built on a system essentially mostly inspired by Eastern Philosophy – which the school also taught. Haha, intelligent people are the worst kind of evil to be honest. Intelligence can sometimes enable people to remove themselves from a self awareness that no matter how much you know, there’s always more. I guess I’m grateful I was always put in the bottom groups for everything. The girls in the “top” groups were hella competitive and I’m … well it’s not that I’m not – but I’m not. At my worst I look at people who I admire for some desired talent and basically use them to gauge my own standard.

I created a series of books accompanied by a little phone video that was curated nicely and projected above ascending stairs with scrunched up photocopies taken from old sketchbooks that I left in the assessment room/a space in the uni that had been converted into a gallery for the end of the year show. The breakdown preceding this piece of work was marked by two – sort of three – very sad deaths. I wanted to call this “By Peaches” who was in my thoughts so often as I tried to recover, mediumship begins with acknowledging people are in your thoughts. Sharing energy.
I think it speaks to a lot more people than the family she left behind so she’d probably prefer that I didn’t.

The photographs – I had taken in the first year of University. I was so fucking terrified of ever sharing my work with people that no one in my class got to see the collection of photographs. I don’t like performing for people or speaking publicly. I have never been the kind of person to show my artwork and not feel tremendous anxiety to quickly hide it.

So these are the projections I had above my staircase with crumpled up photocopies of sketches from studying Fashion – an idea offered by a professor at the Uni who was actually a hacker, doing his PhD.

I called this one “Leatherbook”.

This one was called “Paperbook”.

I made the videos because I supposed it’s a bit stupid to do a film degree and make books – the books were all I could handle making because the medication I was on killed my creativity and my experiences had killed my self esteem.

I told that teacher that he could keep all of my work and he said maybe the Uni might like to. That was the last time we ever communicated. Rude, right?

Initially I had wanted to do an animation about a ‘pantheist cat’ – a three headed cat with the names “Pathos, Bathos and Logos” who hung out with an infinite-intelligence time travelling computer called “Big Sister” – a kind of homage to “Big Brother. I wrote a script that has since disappeared, kind of an attempt at writing comedy – but I wanted to use it as a chance to discuss Pantheism, the interconnectedness of individuals who repeat history and some how offer some resolve that children could comprehend regarding my opinions of Israel, something I feel a really strong sense of personal responsibility for. As I typed that my “father” (ugh that word) accidentally coughed (in a film that’d be some kind of pathetic fallacy) and he’s one of those really clever people that watch the news and believe everything (Like when I jokingly told him about a documentary being narrated by a female “ex journalist” and that apparently there were MASSES of women who claimed to be kidnapped by Isis who kept in touch with her using their iPhones. I was completely amused at the thought of there being some kind of rota for these women to charge their phones, a kind of parallel to the queues of people in the psychiatric ward waiting to offer their phone to a nurse to charge it for them in the staff room – also I wondered who was paying for Isis’ electricity bills.)  because y’know, people think that if you have enough sense to identify that certain news channels on TV are reporting lies then you’ll have enough sense to be able to determine which ones are telling the truth. When of course… if any news reaches you, it is ultimately still by some “entity” that is trying to control you. We are drawn to and attract the kind of information that we WANT to hear, for whatever reason.

Spiritual people that hate Israel and Jews are the fucking weirdest bunch ever – I’ve never been able to make friends with them, bar my teachers. If you take a closer look at the stock room quality art you (the universal you but I did have a picture of someone I dislike in my head – who once posted something about how her brother joked that she had never been punched as a child and I think I’ve done that to her nonphysically a few times) surround yourself with, it’s rooted in Hinduism and Judaism. WHICH ARE ACTUALLY BOTH PRETTY FUCKING GRUESOME RELIGIONS ACTUALLY. But they both also have elements of truth, particularly in their use of art, including the character art of their languages – I know nothing about aramaic but I do know that it’s older than sanskrit – and also more importantly, discuss the quality that is “wisdom” – y’know, the kind of intelligence you associate with a nice old woman that has some kind of cute saying for every experience.

In Panstheist cat there was some kind of joke, where the cats watch a Hitler speech, and it isn’t translated. In my head I visualised the iconic image of Hitler speaking German quite aggressively, something that I have since learned was already somewhat a meme.

^ my favourite

Ok wait so – SEGUEWAY 3 – for those interested in the future. I made my brother a meditative ipod with energy uplifting songs to help him heal. I put in this clip of one of the very few white characters that have ever existed, who were allowed to have dreadlocks. You have to play it and then play the next song immediately after – like it is on his iPod

Here is yer favourite AK in an ‘L’ hat, catching Pokémon. I sent this song to my brother.

Here is an old picture of me that I purikura’d. (This is funny to me especially because I dreamed I had a vision that my kids genetically modified animals – they needed a serious incentive to go to school because they already have spirit guides like Abraham Hicks, with access to infinite knowledge.. I told my brother about the “pokémon” and he said “you’ll run into some ethical issues there” – and I thought he was going to go boring but he said “copying designs”.

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 14.22.38.png

So – in Pantheist cat – “big sister”, the computer, airs a speech of Hitler’s while the cats try to solve a mystery. They solve mysteries because of their boredom, and their responses filter according to their personalities. I remember having fun writing their responses in keeping with their personalities. The cats just watch him speaking but they don’t know what he’s saying and Big Sister chooses not to translate …

Initially I found it quite funny and I think I wanted to poke some fun at Hitler.. But there was a much deeper reason and I suppose I know why now. I didn’t then. Let me explain.

Today I watched a speech of Hitlers that had been translated and remembered when I had my “awakening” (mental breakdown if that sits easier with you, and at this point in time it probably does)  that I had very publicly admitted that I was Hitler. It was nice to have an explanation for why my life had been more rubbish at points than it had been good, and also an explanation for how I ended up being born to a mother that had no idea she was royalty to the most hated country in the World.

Two observations that I imagine Big Sister would’ve made – because I made them – the first, Hitler was actually an excellent speaker. In a Panstheist sense he was speaking for people who had been mistreated.

Hitler was seeking revenge for what had been done to him – being rejected as an artist by his own people (he was a Jew) and projecting that energy to Germany’s revenge for the fucking terrifying reparation sanctions imposed after WW1.

The second observation was that If you were to remove certain words – for example if you were to replace “Germany” with “Israel” – if you were to replace “Marxist” with “Military” and “Socialist” with “Monarchist” – this speech describes very well a country that has had to become tough as fuck to survive

Also I’m sure Big Sister would’ve been able to show to the Panstheist Cat that actually Hitler was a Free Mason, which meant he was attached to a hierarchy of Power that was mostly occupied by Jews. Israel was paid for with Jewish blood and a World that… for the most part allowed them to die. Hitler was doing a much greater work than he could’ve possibly imagined. And also – for you to think for one moment that Hitler didn’t know what Schindler was doing would be complete stupidity.

This song had something to do with a song my old-old friend group used to listen to, about TwinFlames.
Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 12.49.07

This is the song we all used to like. I’m talking.. when we were like thirteen. “Clouds” ha. FF7 in-joke. Aeris looks at Cloud and sees Zack. Zack dies and reincarnates into Cloud’s body to continue his work.


(Aeris’ twinflame is, of course, Sephiroth – of whom Zack and Cloud were fragments – who is a female version of her pursuing the same goal …pretty violently…)

The thing about stories like FF7, Twilight etc – is that they are about the soulmate and Twinflame dynamic. Your Twinflame is your most elevated point of personal growth, not necessarily a love dynamic.

I only ever really felt this song applied to one person in Uganda (Congo) and we’ve actually never ever had a conversation but we have had the sex, but I was on a lot of valium and it was a big, big mess. It’s fine @baes – he’s bi and so are you

{Someone I knew as Anachron, a musician and producer on GodsGirls who was kinda into Rap when I knew him online – he used to call me “Mags” and joked that I was ghetto once, when I said I wanted to start bringing my own lemon out with me to restaurants. YOU CAN SPIKE LEMONS WITHOUT DIFFICULTY – WAS THAT SO STUPID OF PAST-ME?!!? He was one of the few people that stuck up for me when that website of girls ganged up on me for falsifying my ID… as if none of them had ever gotten into nightclubs underage and made out with adult men) (girls will find any excuse to hate someone they’re jelly of)
(i’m not generally that way inclined because I fancy girls. sometimes. rarely. I look because they’re cute, I fancy because I like their personalities. hence the rarity of the fact.)

So for many many many many lives, that PREDATE EARTH – I have been directly given a purpose. Have you heard of the Lyrans? >> The Cat people? <<
They’re actually called “Lyres”. That sort of very loosely explains my use of “Cetra” (a word I came across through Final Fantasy VII, also – Cleopatra VII. Haha.)
Hitler had orchestrated for terrible medical experiments … including human to cat hybrids. Trying to create bodies… You think he didn’t believe in extraterrestrials?

Funny further – Jews have been described as “Gods” chosen people – well actually the Jewish God is Lucifer, “Lord of Lies”. The star of David, an upwards triangle – represents male energy and that was written about in Da Vinci code as representing “knowledge”. The downwards triangle represents female energy – which represents “wisdom”. Truth is the six sided shape/hexagon in the middle.

THIS IS PANSTHEISM. It’s for hyperactive thinkers like Big Sister, and I guess this is why she wouldn’t of wanted the Panstheist cat to translate what Hitler was saying.

WHICH BRINGS ME TO THE PYRAMIDS – that it’s been joked about – were built by Jews that had been made slaves of. Actually an Egyptian ex of mine made a joke about it.

Intelligent people, haha. You’ve fucked this Planet up!

This is one of the most important bits of this blog so I’ll make it very big. One sec.

Observe, beneath the table – how everyone is sitting. How you position your feet helps you direct the energy you often feel – a pain in your rectum that you’ve been taught is your need to pass wind (fart, whatever). I get that pain – you get that pain. You might think you need to take a shit, well, it has NOTHING to do with that very natural need for people who eat matter. You’ll see it in many interviews – Sasha Baron Cohen has to sit in ‘socially unacceptable’ ways that you think is him trying to convey a character’s personality. Actually he’s trying to redirect and control the pain.

I got mad at a girl once because she said Hitler had the right idea – but actually she was very racist. That is as bad as getting a swastika tattooed on you, without being a part of the culture in any way – or practicing the faith the symbol it’s actually associated with, without ever really studying it – (my idea of studying is either through meditations over many years or under a spiritual teacher).

But Panstheist cat would (maybe Logos) would say “well, maybe he did have the right idea – humans are so oblivious to their true purposes” – and Bathos would ask “who is worse? Him, or the people who watched him do it and did nothing about it?”
Actually in my opinion, anyone who didn’t die in a concentration camp is as guilty as Hitler.

Bathos would continue “And as far as results go – it seems like he did them a favour”. And then Pathos would ask to be fed frankfurters coated in cheese, while they fell into a food coma and napped, and left their body for further investigations.

Panstheist cat’s twinflame is Cerberus. Or is that too obvious? Why not big sister?
[she ponders as she stares lovingly at her laptop]

Eve that two-faced cheating bitch responsible for the internet – Lilith, that bitch responsible for spirituality – also, Eva Braun, Hitler’s wife.

Here’s a video of a re-enactment of me in a past life marrying Eva Braun – Russell brand. An Ashkenazi Jew that chose “fame” and sort of (can’t prove it, not a big deal) actually had me tortured – before realising I was his people’s royalty. And that when he met me he actually should’ve bowed. He has no manners though.

Hitler actually did not take his own life – his last memory that I’ve had access to – was being in a metal chamber screaming that he’d be shot dead, “like his dog”

And in a past life, Hitler was the Prophet Mohammed – who was also rejected by his people. He uh, wanted to make some reforms to Judaism after some chats with Gabriel who is by far the worst angel to spend time talking to, ever. Sorry, catty business from way back when.

When I was in Uganda I was given a CD that had the words “African Queen” written on them (also I was given a tribe.) Africans are Jews. All those cultures that originate in Africa? JEWS.

1 continent down, a few continents to go and then before you know it the Planet will acknowledge the truth and that will be when my family will begin the process of realising Einsteins belief that the only logical means of governing a Planet… is actually a One World Order.

Wait wait I’m not done!

This is Levi. It’s a cartoon character of ME as a BOY. Also my future son. Everyone’s favourite cartoon character since Goku etc. Check out his Hitler do. Also Attack on Titan is about … “Titans”. “Titans” is another word for “Giants” – the bible calls them Nephilim. My surname is a poorly spelt variation of “Jared”, also a character referenced in the bible, Torah and Koran.

Also some people know of the Nephilim as “ANUNAKI”.

Basically … there’s this bit in the bible about Lucifer ruling the Planet, God’s ordinance.


Obviously I need a law degree and to become a Judge, after I do military service of some kind. Probably some kind of diplomatic AID work in countries of Jewish origin.

Here’s some stuff I put together, at a point where I had the worst depression because no matter what I did it felt as though nothing I wanted mattered. I woke up from a dream where I was told to “sacrifice” myself to a secret society (“Be Bathsheba”) – a secret society who can leave their bodies, ’til I met the head of that secret society.

Basically watching me shower, listening to me thinking in the shower, is the least sexy experience ever and was… perhaps important for these individuals to learn not to sexualise the female body, to learn empathy, to learn that “gender” is an energy form – not a physical one.

Also I can do some really fucking weird stuff in my sleep and that is a conversation for a much more honest time when people acknowledge this…

the man attired as a stringed instrument – a lyre – who lisps “I only speak the truth” – also played Tybalt, Prince of Cats, in Romeo and Juliet… I have always identified as two Shakespearian characters – Puck and Tybalt.
Puck because I make chaos in order to bring about order and I am a bit of a trickster and also Tybalt because I am the only person I know who is antisocial enough and would be enraged enough by the mere presence of people I despise to say something as obnoxious as “PEACE? I HATE THE WORD”. Also he’s a sssuuuuper gay man and I am a ssssuuuuper gay man in a woman’s body. If the voice you use to read the stuff I write was a mega camp gay man’s I’d probably be a bit less annoying and more fabulous.

Well.. Harmony is a better word and if you’re into music as I am – as Romeo deffo was – peace actually kind of indicates some kind of stagnating silence that is maybe interesting for a few minutes, where harmony requires a lot of work but is much more beautiful

And also faux-hippies that make peace signs actually offend me

Whenever I watch Moulin Rouge – one of my favourite films of all time – I remember when I was at an ex’s in Kent. His parents were fostering three little girls. The oldest was a tomboy called Roxanne, she had two younger sisters – a toddler that loved dresses and a 1 year old baby.

That was the first baby I had held in a long time. I remember she was passed over to me and I was weirded out holding another human. I placed her on the carpet beside me and  she played a song with by slamming her hand on a toy and… being terrible at talking to infants I asked “IS THIS YOUR JAM!!?!?!?!?!”
Then her older sister Roxanne – came and sat near us – unusual, because she was withdrawn and the kind of little girl who stuck to herself. (I offered her a sparkly bracelet from my wrist once and she said “No thankyou”.)
There were toys scattered on the floor and I said to her “which is your favourite?”

She picked up a toy of a white woman donning a black wig, dressed in ancient Egyptian attire and said “Cleopatra.” I raised an eyebrow and smiled, fully impressed that she knew who Cleopatra was.

Later I picked the baby up again and took her out in the sun. I sat her on the grass. I picked a daisy and handed it to her. I held her ribs and made her try and stand up on her own. “Roxie Cleopatra” I thought recently, a fragment of me! (Have you heard about the nonsense with Foxie Cleopatra, Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj? Fragments of the same person… Leave a void and only you can fill it, this body or the next.)

Then I heard some time later that she had already started standing and walking a little. A ONE YEAR OLD!

I used to go on walks for hours, listening to music and meditating. I would see myself as a very very plump cat in a dress coat and boots and we’d all just run on this strange landscape in… basically circles… because I have no sense of direction.


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