I made a blog post and it magically deleted itself. I understand that my reactions are often whats desired by the kind of people that would expend energy to try and control someone else. I think though – that more important than the above, I’m quite offended by the kind of person who would exhibit that kind of bizarre self-entitlement. Censorship of any kind is exactly what’s wrong with EVERYTHING. If people could do/think/say exactly what they felt to we would be living on a really, really fun Planet. Don’t be boring. Pleeeease don’t be boring. Imagine dying and watching your boring life, though perhaps believing that could be any kind of deterrent is maybe a little too optimistic.

I once went to IKEA with this guy, I leapt into a crate of pillows. He like, grabbed my arm and started berating me about being embarrassing. Quite honestly – to any onlooker he’d have been the weird one. At this point in my life, I wouldn’t associate with a person like that for money.

If you insist that being boring is some inherent and unchanging aspect of your nature or personality make up, then endeavour to remember that somewhere along the line, someone using their freedom of speech and right to freedom of expression is probably what saved you from something


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