My mother’s mother told me in a dream that it’s important to love, even if you have lots of people you’d prefer to think of as enemies. Thinking of people as enemies gives them a significance to your life that they don’t deserve. Thinking of people you love means you share energy with people you love, and in simply doing that you make both yours and their lives better. Thinking of people who have caused you harm too much, can be a downfall.

So to an extent that is how I justify “love is the law”. As someone who has more reason by far not to love at all. It really doesn’t mean “love everyone”, it means choose love. Look to focus on thoughts that encourage that emotion/chemical/feeling – whatever your personal experience of that word might be.

I’m going to stop thinking about the people I don’t like, I’m going to stop acknowledging them and what they’ve done to me. It gives them too much, they’ve only ever repeated something that has already been done. When you love people there is an opportunity for experiences and stories that have never been before.

No enemies, because it gives abusers too much significance. Often… that really is the only thing that they want.

Published by KARINITA


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