‘Karina explains the Illuminati’ would’ve also been a great alternative to a title. It’s an awareness of your “place” on the human chain.

I recently tweeted a journalist about a constipation article she wrote. A lot of people feel physical pain in their bodies, of some kind, that they’ve never verbalised.

It’s referenced poetically in the Matrix and actually – a lot of songs. Like insecurity, embarrassment is a form of slavery. Any method employed knowingly or even unknowingly to control another person is enslavement. Have you ever thought “What kind of pain are they really killing?”

“I’ve felt the air rise UP in me” – the air Corey Taylor is singing about is energy. Like I said in a previous post – when people feel any kind of primitive emotion towards you it’s base sexual energy and that is what flatulence really is. It’s a resistance to air going inside of your body.
Flatulence has nothing to do with what you’ve been eating and has nothing to do with your need (or lack thereof) to take a shit. If I were a guy I’d comfortably take a picture of a 25 day old shit to prove a point here – if you’re eating what your body truly wants you to eat (not out of comfort or addiction) it might take a long time for you to go – depending on your place on the “pyramid” (diamond, really, diamond) but it shouldn’t be that big. The pyramids are actually symmetrical – they go into the ground as they go into the sky.

The issue is that humans were never really properly toilet trained. Most people spend a lot of time trying to take a shit – actually this video was the most helpful in me trying to learn to toilet train myself.

Don’t take a shit squatting like that – it’s more about sitting up straight, and pushing from the right places. That is not your stomach. Do not push your stomach in, just tense it. This pygmy from Portugal told me that she likes to squash babies legs into their stomachs and that is essentially crushing their organs to help them push a shit out………?
That is torture. And it damages them later in life, when they can’t take a shit lying on their backs.
Don’t do that. I couldn’t of said it at the time because I was (am) quite repulsed by infants and had no idea. Also I was very, very stoned. It’s really about using your arms to direct the energy – making it easier to push. If someone pays me a fuck off tonne of cash one day, (I’m talking millions) I might even do a demonstration.

A lot of people drink coffee because it helps them to be “regular”. That is not the right reason to drink coffee – and someone connected to you might be experiencing a lot of diarrhoea as a result.

A lot of people secretly go vegetarian because they think not eating meat means they won’t be gassy, when you eat plants you probably cause them more suffering than you cause an animal. The animals dead once it’s on your plate. Plants are alive. That bag of spinach? It’s alive. When you put it in your mouth – it’s alive. When you chew on it – it’s alive. When it’s being digested in your body it is very much alive. Even when it’s rotten – it’s more alive than ever. Buddhism teaches people that suffering is a truth of life. I feel like the next stage of that teaching is to find new means of alleviating that suffering – a doctor told my mother that in this day and age people should.not.feel.pain. He wasn’t being poetic, he was speaking quite matter of factly. The advances in the science of killing pain have progressed to that point. People should not be experiencing pain.

If you want someone to justify medical cannabis, give a girl who suffered with the level of pain I suffer with when I experience period cramps and a few tokes of a joint when she’s cramping and it will change her life. Side effects are an altered consciousness (which is why the psychiatric professionals of the future are actually really – exclusively – spiritual masters. Like me, heehee), way better looking hair, super fast growing nails and – often – delayed – creative energy that benefits the entire species.

When I was in University a rumour spread about me – I walked into an assessment on the first day of my period, I arrived before the teachers did. I was in so much physical pain I went in and lay on the floor holding my stomach. A ginger guy told everyone that I had come into class on ketamine. No one told me about the rumour because at the time, I wasn’t friends with the kind of people that would spread rumours.
(There was one girl who was inclined to talk about me behind my back – I was essentially babysitting her – she forgets that she had been riddled with insecurity before meeting me, that I used to tidy up her room for her mother’s visits, that I wouldn’t tolerate a lot of her poorly chosen friends behaviours, that her life was more exciting during her time knowing me than it had ever been. The issue was when that babysitter dynamic morphed into friendship. Don’t befriend people you take care of.)

When I was in my teens I met this girl who had a similar issue to me – she suffered with cramps so bad that she had been prescribed a painkiller called “mefenamic acid” – apparently a painkiller that treated the level of pain women experience when they GIVE BIRTH. Y’know, when they squeeze out a watermelon. I took it once – and it helped a bit.

People give women a lot of shit about period cramps – they make jokes about it. It amuses me because for a start – it’s an indication as to the level of pain that we can take – and it’s not a quick pain that your adrenaline rushes in to numb. It’s a long, slow pain that gets worse and worse and worse.

A person who can carry a twenty five day shit in their body knows pain. It’s not as bad as period cramps, but y’know, it’s certainly uncomfortable.

When a person is smoking more weed than you’ve decided it’s okay for them to, or when a person is “popping pills” or something – don’t go around talking about it. Don’t make them a topic of conversation with people they don’t talk to. It makes you look really fucking boring to anyone with the ability to exit the hive mind, but also you might unknowingly be adding to that person’s pain.

I remember my mother telling me about this documentary she watched about a pack of wolves. The female Alpha had been pretty gravely wounded and she hid it from her pack because acknowledging that she was wounded was a sign of weakness – and I took that lesson so far in my life that I got through the kind of back stabbing and gossiping that would’ve made any of the people I was in University with kill themselves.

You wouldn’t believe it, I’m sure – it’s not your place to. But I started a painful period recently and I visualised a Levi in the future injecting himself with a painkiller – and my pain stopped immediately. Not for too long though, but long enough for me to take a painkiller on my end and wait for it to work. I guess the importance of reading something like this – for another person who might not be able to communicate with their future kids – is to try and believe that it’s possible and that if I can do it – you can too.

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