Incase you didn’t know – and most people had absolutely no idea. My own mother included. Anyway, so. All of dis is mine. Military state, y’know? Poorly governed – but that’s life. Give someone a job they aren’t meant to do and stuff goes wrong.


How cute is this? Did someone pay someone on etsy to do this? It’s fabulous
I stole it off >> wikipedia <<

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 05.38.17.png

I can’t see Levi’s Coat of Arms but I think we can all agree it would be one black wing and one white wing.

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 02.01.15memememe

So someone thought I was playing a character here, when I appeared on >> Vice magazine << – ha, no, I’m just a super flamboyant gay man in a woman’s body. That was a La Senza pyjama top, those were River Island pants. Those wedges were Topshop. That was alcohol so cheap we had to rip the label off. Get a read quick, they’re gonna wanna delete it soon

Don’t want to get roofied? Drink straight from a bottle you opened yourself, and not one that’s been fastened with something penetrable, like cork. It’s funny – someone that would later date rape me told me off in Denmark – I made to drink alcohol from a bottle and he stopped me and said “we don’t do that here”. It’s a funny story – everyone was poured a shot of alcohol and I was the last person with the bottle – he told me off as I touched it to my lips and then I poured the remainder of the bottle into a little cup – the amount of alcohol left in that bottle was precisely enough to fill that shot glass. I think also that it was a Jaeger Bottle. Cinematic perfection.

Want to do drugs? Study chemistry and make your own – and ONLY buy drugs from female drug dealers. Want to do drugs in a bathroom stall? Put some fresh lipstick on,  draw your lines on your compact mirror and smudge some lipstick on your finger – and leave the lipstick on the counter. And if you can keep your mouth shut – coke makes you think fast. Better to think fast than speak fast. I speak very slowly but that is probably because I think about twenty five thoughts for every “thought”. You’re going to wonder how I know other people don’t do that… ha.
I’ve spent a lot of my life not speaking to anyone – my own family don’t even know my personality – and that’s the way I like it.

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 05.48.58.png
You see that vaccine scar? That’s why my face is so “expressive” – don’t vaccinate yer kids. (Also: When you give birth you pretty much have ONE job and thats to take care of the vulnerable infant you’ve just introduced to the Planet. Do not let someone wheel your baby outside of a room to wash it. If your doctor/nurse really feels like it’s acceptable to separate a baby from it’s guardians the moment it’s born, that doctor/nurse is doing something that is bizarrely unnatural and you really need to encourage them to question within themselves why they think that is an acceptable practice because not even the motherfucking CAVE MEN did that shit. Is it so difficult to say “Sorry can you explain what is natural about separating a baby from it’s parents? How on Earth is this a medical practice???? Why don’t you structure hospital rooms so that babies aren’t taken away from their parents????” Your baby does not need to go through the trauma of being born and then have a bath. Don’t project your weird cleanliness issues onto an infant. They’ve spent nine months in that blood and guts and they can do an hour or so more while the mother recovers – and if she wants to give the baby a bath that’s fine. Do not let doctors strip your baby naked and feel them up all over, they make onesies with *very* thin fabric nowadays. Do not assume that just because someone is a doctor that they have empathy or any kind of basic understanding of human rights. If your baby needs an enema or a suppository do not let some weird fucking doctor put it inside your baby. Do it yourself.)

You see that ring? It has more significance than you’d think. I once told a friend I was going for a reckless drive. I can’t drive! Who the fuck would trust me with a driver’s license? You think I was lying? I definitely wasn’t lying.

This year I proved I was psychic to a bunch of guys – and more importantly to myself – when I predicted that Floyd Mayweather would win the match. I had given up the notion that I might be psychic – so it was purely based on an ENERGY READING and channelling Sun Tzu. It was based on the karma that I read through their energy. Somewhere on my twitter that you’ll never find, I wrote that Mayweather had to learn to control his emotions and that Conor McGregor had to learn sportsmanship. I might – MIGHT – have even greater abilities than my teachers – but I would NEVER EVER put myself above them because I’d be NOTHING without them.

If you’re a telepath, don’t use your abilities to invade other people’s privacy or influence them out of doing what their inner being wants them to do. (Don’t wake them up at stupid o’clock in the morning to give them anxiety and make them feel embarrassed that a drawing that they did wasn’t in correct proportion)
If you can astrally project – don’t use your abilities to watch girls use the toilet or shower. If you want to hang out with girls, send them a text or give them a call. Not me – obviously. My phone’s been hacked and it’s unlikely you’ll get through – my own dad can’t. It’s hilarious.
If you’re psychic, don’t use your abilities to gamble.
If you’re a time traveller, don’t use your abilities to cheat the past unless you’re saving people from a fate they don’t deserve.
If you’re a vampire – use your abilities and unlimited time to help people and endeavour to understand you’re no longer subject to the same “diamond” life that humans are.

I didn’t use my time in a psychiatric ward to discuss my abilities – and that was because I didn’t believe in myself, in varying ways I’ve more than proven them.

Clairvoyant, & top bitch of the Illuminati… Kinda awkward to put that on a CV isn’t it? Especially when your home address lists “Ealing”. My Spiritual teacher said that from now on, when people ask where I’m from – to say “Israel, though I’ve never been.” And I think that if I were an African American and someone asked me where I’m from – I’d say “Africa, though I’ve never been.” If you’re African & feeling that Zion Bob Marley was talking about, you’ll actually say “I’m from Israel” too. Reclaiming true identity is a step by step process that requires removing yourself from your current reality.

I channelled thirteen to make a video.

I’d like to be a matchmaker. I’m good at finding people’s other halves. You want to know who Kanye West’s Twinflame is…??? Who his the one is?

Don’t you think Taylor Swift’s gun would be an AK???

Kim Kardashian’s twinflame is David Schwimmer. Hilarious. He’s amazing.

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