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We’re all acquainted with the butterfly effect but I think we’ll enter the age of the moth effect… not soon but, soon.

I got a visitation from the thirteenth soul. A He that wants to be genetically modified. He flew onto my camera! He occupies the moon. He likes pop music & unless you understand Planetary scripting, it’d be impossible for you to have him. I mean you might get the look but … could you really get the vibe?

I put the moth on my face and it bounced onto my lips and then flew away to hide somewhere.

>> image credit <<

>> Image Credit <<

It’s actually quite bizarre that the moth flew onto my camera and let me film it, because I used to have a myspace account called ‘moth photo’ or ‘moth foto’ or something – which was the only myspace account ever associated with the name on my passport. The account has disappeared as of last night though, isn’t that strange.

He likes this song a lot. – _ –

But you have to play it while you watch this


Oh! And I don’t speak science but here’s a gift from the Pleiadian that is responsible for our Planet. Actually the information changes a lot, I’m told. The top photo is HH – if you’ve ever wanted a picture of “God” – you’ve got one. Where God’s from, “he’s” are “she’s”. And (S)He’s got an umbilical cord, and a penis – if that answers further questions. That’s a spaceship in the back/above his head. It’s called the “blue bird”. If anyone wants to make a movie about it – HH would love a shot of the ship overhead creating a halo.


HH is this colour/these colours.


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