The last two months flew by.

I’ve made lots of progress with Miss Kittie’s Hot Chocolate Party… It’s coming together quite nicely… although I’m a little unimpressed with how I shot it – like it’s bothering me – but it’s really, really hard to shoot video by yourself when you’re a macro-shot freak.

Ironically this is hugely inspired by a suicidegirls set of Manko, shot by Albertine & illustrated by Jason Atomic – called >> Passion Play <<

It’s also inspired by the opening sequence for an animation I loved, that used to air on Cartoon Network called >> Hihi Puffy AmiYumi <<

I’m already starting to plan for my next video.I’d love to ask someone to help me film but I feel like other people can’t really photograph me all that well. Also, haha, even if I wanted friends – I have absolutely no time for friendships. I’m going to be dressing up as a Kreen Bee. I’ve never actually seen a Bee Bodhisattva and I’m thinking of putting that together for the video.

A girl I was friends with a zillion years ago once showed me this Isabella Rossellini series about the various mating rituals of insects – where she dressed up, narrated & kind of enacted them. She is sort of quite effortlessly this figure/persona that exudes a strange kind of elegance that kind of makes the b-movie budget (actually I imagine that a lot of the design was very expensive and that the ‘b-movie’ appeal was so, so intentional) aesthetic work really well. And I think that’s inspired me a little too.


I ordered a cute sign! I’m hoping to open a little stall somewhere for a weekend. The illustration was done by LittleLillis & was inspired by >> SHIVA <<, who was inspired by  my crew, the Pleaidians of 7D. And is, coincidentally, also how I look to some people (often on strange drug trips…) when I leave my body to do lightwork. Not to be confused with poor imitations. Thx.


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