My spiritual teacher – the one affiliated with the Illuminati – once said to me that Avatar was real. There’s a scene where a disabled person gets his consciousness transferred into another body – thats already possible. If a disabled person you knew had been transferred into another physical body, would you call them a robot?
Because when I think of robots I think of the body that hosted that disabled guy’s consciousness.

I watched something about ‘sex robots’ and I felt so overwhelmingly sad… the idea that for anything to advance in technology (do you know that twitch exists because of nekkid cam girls?) it has to be funded by people who are obsessed with sticking their genitals in stuff. And actually the present says a lot about history – so if people believe that they could give something any kind of sentience – like robots – and truly believe they could decide they had a purpose, such as for sexxing … there are probably a lot of women descended from women who were also bred for sexxing. Lol humans

Edited to add: I just remembered >> this song << – I made the noises for it when I was like, nineteen and a hacker-cum-musician/producer-cum-programmer-cum-artist-then-friend of mine called Alex turned it into a song. He used to be this super-super cool cyber goth that everyone on the internet had a crush on but then he got all normal and boring and grown up. Do you know how fun the World would be if people didn’t think that being boring was the same as maturing?

On a lighter note, I just wasted money ordering about five million types of sandwich and spent my last thirty quid on some extra assets for my kids-show-thingy. There needs to be an animated emoji of an eye twitching because this kids show was literally just supposed to be me making a hot chocolate and it’s not that anymore. LIKE I LOVE IT but omg so much fucking work and it’s been ‘accidentally’ deleted like three times

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 22.21.13
(I am a double cheese kinda gal)

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