P P P P P O L I C E C U T S 4

I woke up with the flu this morning, went back to sleep and woke up pretty much healed from it. I then went to a !!free!! Selfridges Art pop up called The FlipSide, and got to try a fun cocktail thingy. Apparently the cocktail artist (is that what you call them?) is one of the best in the World – he picks a flavour he thinks you’ll like, based on this interactive questionnaire thing. The taste-test was served on something not too dissimilar to a tab of acid, which, ironically, I’d think a person should definitely take if they do visit because the Pop Up was totally that vibe. I don’t need to do acid though

Then I wandered into Selfridges and bought a few things in the Food Hall. My favourite thing about the Selfridges Food Hall is getting to look at all the vibrant packaging. So.. the confectionery. There were all these really innovative Hot Chocolate powders and honeys! I wish I had photographed them, but I left my phone at home and I didn’t bring my camera.

I bought macarons in my favourite colours at the moment. Fuchsia & fade0f (selfridges yellow <3) The other sweets I bought are going in a video for the kid’s channel I’m making. I think it’s important to encourage children to learn how to enjoy eating all kinds of things, to appreciate the luxury of hand-made confection, and buy beautiful pieces of edible art rather than to buy mass-produced sweets that make them ill. I think as a kid I’d have enjoyed a day out with my family, looking for the perfect sweets to spend my money on & dialoguing with the people working in the sweets shops about how they’re made. Conversations like that stuck with me throughout my own childhood.

These were modestly priced (REALLY DELICIOUS – their outer appearance actually does their taste no justice at all) and inspired me to make-an-art. The coaster is Anthropologie, I bought a few of them months ago – I think I saw one on Poppy Deyes’ blog and Vogue Online… & then found them on a shopping trip – also in Selfridges.

I wanted to photograph them in a way I don’t think sweets have been photographed before. People don’t really appreciate ‘noise’ or ‘grain’ unless it’s depicted by one of those old fashioned non-digital cameras so I’ll take what you hate and make it mine. And I think the super-sharp, immaculately lit food photography thing is over-done too. I unconsciously chose a crystal backdrop that looks not too dissimilar to sugar, and I think that is a pretty magical representation of some sugar-esque candyland I’d love to live in.


At the exhibition there was a brief discussion about how the face of luxury is changing – the definition of it. I walked past huge plastic tubs of water that were back lit and created this fantastic blue glow, if you looked up close you could see little stickers illustrating where the water was sourced. There was a table with complimentary, simply packaged bottles of water sitting on top … and I was told that it was actually a piece about a perfume that is mostly made of water and that fresh water is now considered a luxury item, because apparently it’s limited on our Planet. (I thought it would be rude to disagree with that sentiment because none of my spiritual teachers would agree – but I decided against doing so because I think it’s important to teach humans to value the Planet’s natural resources before teaching them that the Planet actually isn’t limited at all, nature teaches us our most important lessons. When you love & value what you’ve got, you get more and more and more and more… as if out of thin air.)

But I do love the concept of any item being in limited supply. That is an interesting way to teach humans to value something.. once it’s gone, it’s gone. Actually I think that’s how I’ll be dating from now on…

Isn’t it interesting that the luxury market could teach people something so profound through a discussion intended to market a scent?

(The Food Hall is also my favourite because the exit is so close that you can walk out and have a cigarette whenever you feel to.)

Today there was a police woman in a bullet proof vest *sniggers* hovering around me like one of those annoying houseflies, (walks in as I do – COMPLETELY ruining the Selfridges vibe – exits a few seconds after I do, for my first cigarette). Then a boy far better dressed than me asked for some money and complimented my shoes. I assume I was supposed to ignore him but ever since playing Viva Piñata – I really feel like any broke person, or worse – sad, sad person that accepts payment to pretend to be broke has a right to a dream.. just like >> Ivor Bargain <<

I know I know, when you get far enough into “the game” you get weird “actors” approaching you … remember these people that (the Universal you) you employ to communicate with me have lives and minds of their own & whatever faux identity or pretence they employ to speak to me doesn’t impact the exchange of energetic vibration. I’ve walked away from enough situations feeling stupid to fully empathise with a person who walks away feeling stupid (after communicating with me.)

Oh God, and today someone called me “very smart” in a stuttering Borat voice and I pity-pretended to feel flattered

The overwhelming pity I feel towards anyone who speaks to me, I can’t overemphasise

So strange – I had written a paragraph about how I find it so strange that there are supposed “Police Cuts” when in fact, I have never seen so many police walking the streets, in any direction or line of sight – but I must have accidentally deleted it or something

silly me!

(Oh, one of the police men I saw at the petrol station was working as a security guard at the exhibition. I assume that whoever reads my blog and literally uses their limited time on the Planet to interfere with my life would’ve assumed I wouldn’t of mentioned it because I’d sound racist saying they’ve got “the cute, short, bald asian guy” that I addressed about Police cuts stalking me but they’d be deeply mistaken.) Probably some poor attempt to see how I’d tackle “racial profiling”, or is that giving them too much credit? Assuming too much intelligence on their part? Either way.


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