Today I woke up with very low energy. I felt really miserable, actually. I couldn’t force myself to get out of bed, I was physically drained.

I closed my eyes and thought-asked “what should I do Lucifer?” Lucifer responded “rest.” So I accepted completely that I’d be spending a day in bed.

I visualised Lucifer cutting away at the energy around me with her sythe, and then touching me in various places around my face, heart and throat, and where I was touched there was bright white light.

At the point of “4th eye” I was told & shown that I had a new “twin“. I like to think that whatever part of me connected to my last twin has moved on to some other physical body, to guide someone through whatever I had been going through – as your spirit does when you die.
I went to sleep really, really pissed off with new-twin last night and I saw Lucifer doing the same to them as they stood as close to the furthest corner of my room as they could have been.

I opened my eyes and the room was far brighter than it was when I had closed them. And I got out of bed and finished tidying my room. That is a big deal if you’ve ever felt completely immobile. So… If you’re ever feeling drained… try it. Just be sincere.

Later on this evening – actually just a few minutes ago – I recollected what I saw this morning and thought “if you can heal an energetic wound with light – can you heal an open flesh wound with light?” Then I thought “well, you can disinfect and seal a wound with fire…” Then I saw something about Israelis using lasers to heal wounds

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 01.13.55

What is amazing to me, is that I could never have been receptive to any of this if it wasn’t for Abraham Hicks & Esther Hicks. Eternal gratitude.

When I was planning my graphic novel, I was trying to depict God and Lucifer as Twin Flames – and they were – however, today Lucifer explained that the energies combined in the way I tried to depict them in my graphic novel don’t “work”. They’re incompatible. Perhaps thats the reason my graphic novel has stagnated to a point. Lucifer considers herself to be the energy of “love” and God to be an energy that I understand as “control”. Which I understand God has misguided people to believe is love – control, that is. Those energies do not work together, at least not romantically. Lucifer literally thought-said “I am Love, God is Control, that is why we don’t work.”

An english tutor once taught me about Apollo as being a personality that represented “order” and Dionysus being a personality that represented “chaos” and I suppose if you think about it – trying to force two “full” or “whole” natures like “order” and “chaos” to be compatible is redundant. They’d have to sacrifice their truer natures to become compatible and love really isn’t supposed to be a sacrifice of self – and the human experience (apparently the human body is non-physical consciousness experiencing itself through the sensory experience) has certainly taught me that sacrificing or choosing not to be who you really are for anyone else: only ever leads to suffering.

Kind of puts some awkward new twist to the bible doesn’t it?

For a moment I thought “oh! Runner dynamic”… then I (I think Lucifer) thought “No. I don’t run.” As far as I know, there are no instances where Lucifer ever “ran”.

And when I think about the characters in my graphic novel as I understand them – that is, on some dimension of physical being (There are many dimensions of both physical and non-physical being) – (the Christian) God is a blue alien … and Lucifer is his mother – I feel genuine sadness rippling through all my guides.

When I visualised Lucifer and Lucifer’s “new twin” (they were identical &) actually with a specific person in my mind… they looked exactly alike standing sort of back to back

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