P P P P O L I C E C U T S 3

Went to the shop with ma and low and behold a mini army of policemen dawdled in (atleast, say, eight or so?) (one was DANCING in his UNIFORM. LITERALLY DANCING.) and I got irritated and brought up the fact that everytime I visit the petrol station they seem to be congregating en masse at the little coffee bar.

I asked what they were doing there, in a police-cut economy, when there would be policemen who’ve supposedly lost their jobs actually quite insulted at the prospect of these men donning their uniforms and wasting tax payer money just looming there. One bellowed “KEEPING YOU SAFE”. REALLY…..???? REALLY?????? I said “I’ve been sexually molested by police men so I doubt that” and – his response was perfect – “IT WASNT BY ME WAS IT?”

I don’t know. You all look the same to me. Those of you that aren’t undercover, that is.

Here are some alternate responses, when someone says “I was sexually molested” – the first two, responses that anyone could adopt. The third – specific to police men.
1.) “That is very, very serious and unacceptable”
2.) “I’m so sorry that happened, what has been done about it?”
3.) “It’s no wonder that you and millions of other people in this country and around the World, who have been victims of police brutality absolutely despise us”

Now, I’ve never had police training so I can’t be completely certain but I’d assume that the correct thing to do when a person REPORTS A CRIME is to ASK WHAT HAPPENED, TAKE DOWN THE DETAILS AND SUGGEST HOW TO GO ABOUT CORRECTING WHAT HAS BEEN DONE. Not, y’know, perpetuate a stereotype or behave in a manner that should cost you your job. And I’m sure it will, everything is watched you know.

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