P P P P O L I C E C U T S 2

So I go out (I do that on occasion, hilariously enough) with – for conveniences sake lets call him my father – to get some food for my brother at the hospital. We arrive back and the police are casually parked on the opposite side of the road – the car lights are on. They aren’t doing anything, just chillin’. I take photographs of the car – obnoxiously obvious about it – and they reverse and drive to leave the road. I take more photos. It’s important to document where the taxes that you spend for every fucking thing you pay for are going, to me at least. Remember – those police cuts might just deter the police from nonchalantly parking outside and leaving the car on. It’s a waste of petrol – which costs tax payers money – & a waste of their wages – which costs tax payers money.

The police car stops outside my house and I ask the police men what they’re doing on a cul-de-sac (literally I live in an area that you have to put some kind of effort to access – like you don’t end up here on an aimless car journey unless you want to end up here.)
and they say that it’s not an emergency or something – nothing of ‘alarm’. What kind of fucking answer is that?

Why the fuck are you on my road then? Go put your wages to use or get another job, cretin.

I like how they chose two fat harmless looking guys. Y’know “we know you got sexually molested by us & that you know the police facilitate pedophile and sex slave rings, come and confront us! We’re sweet and overweight! That was THOSE guys, we’re not so scary! They even put illustrations of us on children’s toys!!!” Wrong, you are all the same. Brainless, unaccountable wastes. If you’re going to do a job working in the public fucking sector have the capacity to fucking tell a citizen what the fuck you’re doing on their little fucking road, occupied mostly by the disabled and elderly.

Y’kno how they say “fuck the police”? You definitely wouldn’t want to fuck these ones. That was probably the criteria. Although in Farnham they selected a pretty handsome policeman (the kind you’d enjoy looking at – not me – I like the kind of criminals that can think for themselves and have a code) so they’re switching up their surveillance tactics a bit? I don’t know. The fuck are you doing chilling in a car on my road like some kind of novice drug dealer/stalker/rapist

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