My favourite music is the kind I can daydream to. That is usually anime soundtracks actually – perhaps because music artists writing for cinema .. or the kind of tracks used for visuals allow the artists to be way more ‘out there’ – like it’s not about their performer image or the personality they’re selling, it’s about contributing to a co-creation (as all Art is) that fits the vision of a massive narrative. When I was little, the first thing I’d see in an animation would be the intro and that was often how I’d decide whether I liked it or not. I included the Chip n Dale theme tune on my brother’s weird little healing iPod playlist because it’s actually full of energy and was one of the first singing voices I really liked. He was never a fan of the cartoon, I think he said, but it turns out it’s his favourite track on the iPod.

Omari is healthy again. Everyone is completely derailing from the fact that he’s happy and feeling creative and making his comeback about his opinions …on Trump? First of all: you can tell he’s healthy because he actually doesn’t care at all. Second of all – how much impact have people hating on Trump had? Really? What difference have you made by choosing to be like that? Absolutely none. All the people that hate Trump are doing the same thing, making zero difference. Kanye’s always done things differently – so to me, if he believes in making America great again – he’s going about it his own way. My spiritual teacher Esther Hicks would say that a single person in the vortex is more powerful than any number of millions of people who are not.


So in light of Kanye coming out of de “mental-illness”-shame-closit (which is a lot harder than you’d think) and speaking freely – this movie is one of my favourites. It’s so intense that I like, can’t watch it very often. Don’t press play yet! I’ve made a playlist!

I’m in movie-making mode, so like, I like to play around with visuals and unrelated music & watch how stuff synchronises. I once watched the bitcoin stocks and shares graphs and they correlated with the music I was listening to – like the timing was perfect. Basically – play the videos in order. When a song finishes, pause Kanye and play the next. It’s actually really fucking weird how well they synchronise.

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