My vision of Lucifer in my mirror helped me to understand that humanity has gone from ‘third eye’ to ‘fourth eye’, my teacher Lisa would simply say ‘3D’ to ‘4D’.
Lucifer has always been drawn to people with simple vocabularies I guess, and that’s important – where my teacher Lisa could sit at a bar with science and maths scholars and discuss principles in that “academic” lexis – I couldn’t.
If I were there I’d probably have a Homer-Simpsonesque soliloquy visualisation moment trying to picture what the words in that conversation might mean, by hyperactively splitting them up by sound/syllable because the otherwise words she’d/they’d have to use to have that discussion would mean absolutely nothing to me.

Art is one of those languages that simple folk like me can understand. That is sort of the point of art.

A teacher in a school I went to told me to learn how to read hieroglyphs and maybe I will, sometime. Basquiat loved that shit.

I’m told I’m a 7D being. I’ve not much clue as to what that means but it makes so much sense when you watch this. If you can, try and create some kind of parallel that allows you to comprehend that I am that 3D (7D) apple in a 2D (now-4D) world. Actually I think it’s amusing that a scientist could illustrate or verbalise the concept of the empathy a person might need to understand what it’s kind of like, existing, for me.

Haha, 2D Flat Earthers. (Kidding, 2D animation is my favourite.) Poor things

(Actually it’s people who function on that 1D life – that see some kind of sexual object or mechanism in absolutely everything. The kind of person who sees mixing cake mix as an opportunity to – unironically – wank off a spoon. The kind of person who would use astral projection to watch women use the toilet, or bathe. Urgh. What a waste of energy and life. Do you know that people who die don’t watch you have sex/use the toilet/invade your privacy because they’re connected to a knowing that they can literally do/go/see anything that they want!? Why would they watch you living your boring life when they could, say… be engaging with what we call aliens?)

>> This << little boy helped me understand my own lullaby video! Also… as I understand it, my guide HH (a being this Planet calls “God”) (Lucifer’s “son” & Twinflame) did something similar with Earth…


This little boy is so, so lucky to have his mother. I wonder what’ll happen when she accesses Strader on 7D.

“big teeth” | “there’ll be this tiniest flicker of green- uh purple light”

When you visit 7D with the facts and get v angry with ur little wizards

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