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After having a day of “playtime” I ended up being really happy with my scribbles and arrived at the aesthetic I wanted for my site. Everything from the use of colour to symbols carries a lot of personal meaning to me. The waves on the left were a vision I had when I meditated thinking of the Dalai Lama, the arched window beneath it is a scribble of something my spiritual teacher suggested that I want to eventually shoot – when she saw my business card she said she saw an image of me standing beneath an arched window that twirled up in some kind of fifty twirl pixel typhoon (at which point I took out the other half of a twirl I had bought and gave it to her.)

I’m really excited about this little business. I’ve kept it really simple and I hope to add to it every time I receive some kind of information that I think might help others or answer a question or encourage them to daydream.
I’ve arranged to have a sign printed and I’d like to rent a street stall at some point in the future so I can start doing readings. I’m trying to change the ‘tarot’ reading format to include positivity, suggestions for affirmations and manifesting.

My teacher told me that in her experience she had found that when people obsess about the future and constantly talk to psychics about it – doing so often ends up simply changing it.
So I think it’s important to try and adopt my past methodology, inspired by my teacher – which was to try and help a person identify their behavioural cycles.
When I lived in Farnham I wanted to start a business called “indigo friend” which basically meant I would just talk to people when they were having a hard time. To be honest that business model would’ve been quite risky – I ended up ignoring that business idea and still attracting a lot of people in my life that needed that “friend” and they didn’t really listen to my advice anyway.
When I had an account on Oranum – I tried to emphasise a ‘counselling’ approach and focus on explaining my customers pasts and present so that they can shape their own future.

If you are a good reader and you’ve developed a kind of self-honesty that has allowed you to exit your more toxic cycles and you think that any of this would be good advice for your own business model or you think you would like to adopt this format, I’d be happy for you to do so, which is why I’m divulging it.

I’ve found that men are quite frightened by people who know things that they don’t – so  they often make women feel stupid for finding hope in the possibility of a better future, but they rarely see how they are contributing to the problem they’re having.
When you, for example, talk to a guys girlfriend and give her some hope about a relationship (which would really change of it’s own accord if she could simply become self aware) … the girl just continues her own behaviours and doesn’t change because she’s so sure her relationship is going to work and the guy just.. ends up running away.

I’m also going to do ‘finding your twinflame’ classes – turns out that’s a pretty great talent of mine. (If they don’t find them, I usually end up finding them…)

If you are an excellent chess player and you’ve a knack for predicting the future I advise you take on the Matrix – Oracle’s methods of divination… which is to predict the future of every archetype surrounding the one you’re speaking to, predict their response upon finding out & lying a little bit.

If you’re a psycho, do it my way

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