Today I’m doing some art that I’d like to go on one of my sites, if it turns out right. I illustrated what I saw in the mirror. She’s a little bit too thin, her belly button protruded to the left in the mirror.


I’m enjoying this music today. Is 3:15 PM a little early?



I wrote this while I was channelling. This isn’t my handwriting at all. And when I wrote the words ‘im here’ – thunder actually struck outside my bedroom window.


Ophiuchus, ether, the snake bearer. The unacknowledged thirteenth sign.


I illustrated “my” own ouroboros, I picked an eight because that number holds a lot of significance to me – as does the eight of swords.

I’m trying to cut down on smoking, so I’m vaping again. It works, smokers!
Okay now I need a glass of water because I feel a bit dehydrated.

Edited on 24th April to add


Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 12.03.06.png


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