Last night I got really, really, really moody, & I’m still coming out of it. I tried to vortex myself up a bit by tidying my room & then I found some tools & started sculpting a little tree…


While I was putting together the wire frame, I listened to a video where Abraham Hicks emphasised the importance of playing & I put together a little Saturday to-do list just before falling asleep.



I started claying up my sculpture & I think the tree kind of looks like a …baphomet… with tentacles?


I like to run through memories – the first time I started creating a wire-tree was in a secondary school years ago. I think I was twelve or thirteen. I never got around to putting clay on the tree – it was just made of wire – because I didn’t go to school very much. Then I fast forwarded to college and was reminded of a brief journey into creating small models to animate with, years ago, when a boy-me was studying animatronics & doing a module in stop-motion animation & I stole mudrock from my college so I could make a little ‘Ghost’ house.


I created some characters called “The Ghosties”. I vaguely remember them running around a tree – chasing a little ball. (Edited sometime later to add a little reference…)

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 20.47.02.png

You can see my little Ghosty house in the corner of the top photo…


I wanted to smoke a cigarette so I cleaned my hands with these floorwipes and thought they looked really sculptural when I placed them beside tentacle baphomet and …maybe they’d make really pretty leaves.

I took a second to take some photos of my Saturday playtime and upload my blog. Now I have about twenty minutes to get ready to go see my brother… & ideally – locate my phone. I need to take a shower but aint nobody got time for that

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