N E G A T I V E – E N E R G Y

Girls – have you ever been sitting at a table on a date – and felt your date’s eyes watch you walk away?  That’s energy.

The lyrics…

My embarrassing stories are unrivalled. But did you know that healers and energy workers that absorb other energies have to let those energies out, somehow?

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I’m going to get that bit more gross and tell you another secret… It shouldn’t smell when you go to the bathroom. Apparently you shouldn’t even really make “noises” either.
When you use the bathroom and it smells – that smell is the release of negative energy. It has to come out, somehow. Every organ, every bodily function exists for a reason.

Why are we required or advised to eat so much when most of that matter actually leaves our bodies as “waste”? I need to think about this – actually. But I’ll share what I do know.

Yes – yes – our body removes the nutrients from the food we eat and we release the rest – and those nutrients help us to replenish our cells and give us energy… But do we really get all of our energy from the food we eat? No. Most of the energy in our bodies and even more-so around our bodies doesn’t come from food – it is shared.
Emotion? Is an energy. Emotion of any kind is Attraction.

Energy workers are the kind of people that can ‘sense’ when they’re being looked at – have you ever had your back to people – and “felt” them staring at you? Or discussing you?
A particular pain in your stomach or – more uncomfortably yet – that need to pass wind?

You actually don’t need to release it, that is an evolutionary response of your ‘primitive brain’ (the brain is so, so complex that to refer to any part of it as primitive is more a reflection of our own understanding of it is than anything else) that we’ve evolved with, and yet haven’t managed to ascend the need for – perhaps due to the fact that we’ve also evolved not to verbalise it out of embarrassment.
Men, I find, are ignorant – in that, particularly with “hetero” locker room culture you can have a group of men who can don towels and shower with one another comfortably removing themselves from the notion that they could be attracted to one another, and yet also they think it’s hilarious to fart, competing for example – over who can do it the loudest. You’re sexually attracted to one another, but some part of you has resistance to that energy.

Men have made women feel embarrassed about the fact that they perform the same bodily functions as men – but actually the people with perpetually bad stomachs are most often victims of unwanted sexual energy. You’re not farty and bloated – someone is thinking about you in a way your body would prefer that they wouldn’t. Your body and your mind are two separate – yet connected – parts of your being. If I were writing for porn I would say that a bunch of men in a locker-room farting repeatedly and in unison, were getting attention from someone that they were mentally interested in but physiologically not ready for. It is actually energetic-rape, if you are attracted to and sexualise someone that doesn’t want you to. And just because someone is attracted to you, does not mean that they want to have sex with you.
I dated an unattractive guy that had no sex drive whatsoever and was actually attracted to men – in the period we dated I didn’t experience any flatulence at all. Neither did he.

Would you imagine this is the kind of knowledge that the Illuminati holds? The Illuminati are really – really not who you think they are. My teacher would say “Truly know in yourself and you do not need others to validate that knowing.”
There are unknown and pretty broke members of the Illuminati.

I guess this post is in part inspired by a video I saw of a really pretty erotic performer on instagram performing for flatulence fetishes a long time ago, and it stayed with me. I didn’t comment on her page because I didn’t want her to feel embarrassed, and I didn’t send her a message because I honestly assumed she wouldn’t bother reading it.
I had a really, really bad stomach growing up.
I’ve come to absolute un-emotion about my past – imagine though for a moment a little girl who wouldn’t: for one reason or another be able to take a shit for weeks and weeks, carrying a lot of negative energy and spending most of her childhood asleep. Well I saw this erotic performer repeatedly farting for a video and I just kind of felt angry and sad that she was being lied to. Not because I am judging what a person sexualises – but because if she knew what was really going on… she’d be repulsed.

When I was little and I spent time visiting the family on my father’s side my stomach was worse than ever.

The kind of all-around liar mentality that forces people not to feel comfortable discussing their real life experiences, their feelings, their bodies and the things their bodies do is all around deeply damaging to little children – did you know that? Keeping people in the dark is wrong.

Psychiatry teaches you this – when you experience anxiety amongst the many physiological symptoms are flatulence and diarrhoea. That is referred to as the “fight or flight” response – your body needs to release whats inside of it – fast – in preparation to run away from what is frightening to your body.
One time I was in the bath when I was living at “Haus of Unicorns and Psychix” and one of my spiritual teachers came in and used the loo, while I was sitting in the bath. She had just come back home from an intensive healing session with a woman who had been severely abused. My teacher had diarrhoea. This is going to get very awkward and very unfeminine – but it didn’t smell. I think it was painful – but it didn’t smell when she used the bathroom. Because she would sage herself regularly.

My teacher is the daughter of a Hindu Priest – who has now passed. She grew up in a family that balanced the sciences (all of her siblings being renowned scientists of some kind…) and spirituality. The two must compliment one another – must exist in a state of balance. Balance is a state it takes time to reach, especially as … well… no one knows all that much about both.
I am not scientifically minded – at all. I intuit information and when I am at my most receptive I can channel my Pleiadian guides who tell me things it’s especially fun to learn because I know NOTHING about science. In various forms (once quite poetic, once less so) I have been told how Planet Earth came to exist, I’ve intuited information about crystals no one has ever managed to teach me… I’ve channelled dead people only to later watch interviews and see them either do or say something to confirm that the experience was real.

Different energy workers have different ways of taking in other people’s negative energies and releasing them – while my teachers body was inclined to immediately expel most of that energy – mine keeps it in … sometimes for weeks.
Fortunately I have a very high tolerance for pain. If you’re wondering – it didn’t smell when I used the bathroom because I use sage. And by the way – that really means something when you eat as much meat as I do. And I know – meat is murder. And some people have bad stomachs from eating it because most of the meat being sold over the counter is meat taken from the bodies of animals that have suffered throughout their entire lives – and died fearful deaths. All of which is not necessary. If you are opposed to cruelty, don’t eat meat. If you respond badly to negative energy, don’t eat animals that have suffered only to end up on your plate.

It is no wonder that people who eat healthy, organic meat don’t have the stomach problems that people who eat cheap-meat have.

My brother once was told telepathically, at sixteen or so, that KFC is “voodoo chicken”. And it is – or certainly was. I’m not all that big on KFC so I don’t know how the chickens are presently treated. If you research voodoo practices – which are all about energy – that is exactly what it is. It’s a strange vocabulary to people in the West which is why, perhaps, making comments like that and being sensitive to negative energy put him in a mental hospital.

My uncle (an academic) once quipped that the best thing, nutritionally, for an animal to consume… is actually it’s own kind. He’s quite big on Aztec culture.
He’d say that the best means of sorting out this planetary mess of energies is to create an animal that equilibrates the sources of negative energy that make it so painful to exist on this Planet. Creationists would agree – humans were charged, By (the) God(s) with the responsibility of protecting animals and caring for them.

Where the vampires at???! 😉

If you do choose to spread the information along in some “chinese whisper” – remember to credit me – not to assume the information as your own. Thankyou. Have an asos haul and a sage demonstration.

Pay special attention to my business card.


P.S You might pretend not to be lurking me but I know you are

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