This song came out after I felt a hand reaching into my chest and stopping my heart – mid heavy palpitation. Then it started beating again. It’s happened to a few people… since then… You don’t have to believe it, but I believe writers have to write what they know. It might not seem it to you – but it is my truth. A brother in OTO told me that you have to speak your truth.


In the end – the only person you have to justify your own life and intentions to – is you.  No one else’s truth, religious beliefs or sense of morality will resonate with your own unless they are speaking a truth you know within yourself.
I refuse to continue living in a time & place in which people can influence my absolute right to speak or write my own truth.


It’s not that it’s only “wrong” to make me afraid to tell the truth – it’s that I feel concern for the kind of karma people attract into their own lives in their actions taken to silence me. The truth always comes out in the end, that is a fact.


So I believe it’s important to learn that there comes a time in every individual’s life where they experience something – and that in sharing that experience – they realise the absolute necessity of the right to speak freely for the sake of all.



A lot of people are afraid of death. My spiritual teacher Lisa told me that the idea of never dying is by far more frightening than simply knowing you will die.

Maybe you might think you want to live “forever” – and if so, why?


I had a dream what happened to me happened to “sexy man” and a guy that hosts the angel Uriel & my guide.. and someone else: somewhat unexpected. Mineses. When the only love language your fragment really speaks is unknown capacities for jealousy and the pursuit of revenge and exploring not free love but self-love without conditions, how do individuals with trust issues – who are so used to getting their own way cope with one another? Really??

As I understand it, it seems to be “do what you want, just don’t think I’m not”

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