Last night, while thinking about Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs & Karl Lagerfeld – I designed some characters called The Choupettes, after Karl Lagerfeld’s glorious pet Queen Kitty, Choupette… She has her own maids… and her own >> Instagram <<.

They’re going to be about … six characters … based on the Illuminati kids I wish I babysat for. Does that sound strange? In my animation – they’re going to be rockstar babysitters and Queen Cat Choupette is in-charge of them. Sort of like Charlie’s Angels.

One of them is a Yakuza Princess called “Mineko” who has a secret alter-identity as an English DJ. The one in the illustration below is “Jak”. I’ve been having dreams about Jak – I’ve always said that if I were a boy that would be my name. Well in this dream Jak told me that my mother lost him before she had me. (Although I’d always known that she’d lost a child, I had mostly assumed it was a girl. I went downstairs that morning and told my mother about the dream and she said “yes, he was a boy”.)

This is Jak. You can only see his eye. He’s sssssssssuper gay.
In my cartoon I’d like him to be a flurry of dark feather hair.


It’s weird – years ago I wrote about a hybrid-elf boy called Jak who was taken from his mother and given to a blonde Princess called Alessa, as a “slave”. He was really just her best friend. She was a somnambulist and he would walk her slowly back to her bed when she went dream-wandering – that was a bit I remember from a fairy tale I wrote once, which went missing. She also had a maid called Miri.

Jak was a twin to a girl who was raised by a psychic woman who made a living making potions (who I now realise must’ve been me).
Alessa & Jak left the castle &  (the psychic woman’s apprentice – and as coincidence would have it, the psychic woman was Miri’s sister but you don’t find out til much later) they go on a pilgrimage, she takes Jak with her – and this girl bumps into them.

I feel like it’s a really good day when the thumbnails that YouTube offers you are better than the one you spent an almost inordinate amount of time creating.

Wow – upon revision I actually never finished writing the credits so I should maybe, uh, do that.

A while ago, a friend (we don’t speak anymore but I have no feelings of negativity towards him) & I were planning on doing our Masters Degrees; and he said he didn’t want to do an MA unless he had a specific project in mind. I guess perhaps that I could consider that that was a miscalculation when it came to doing my own MA – not having any kind of potential end goal outside of “employability”.

So I’m setting out a plan that isn’t really about time – I’d like it to be a two-year plan but I’m happy for it to take longer if I need that. A few months ago I was essentially stuck to a bed on medication that rendered me physically immobile and in constant pain – I’m the polar opposite of that experience at present. Thanks Abraham & Esther Hicks, SES & OTO.

I’m going to be working on my various businesses and shops for, perhaps, another year or so – I’ve got a lot of projects that I believe need to see completion, because they represent important dreams that I ignored in my past. I feel that when you have a dream you have to in some form fulfil it, because when you practice a vibration of evolution it is a path to something much greater.
I might like to do a GCSE in law while I put together all my businesses – and then I’d like to do a Masters degree in Animation – but only once all of my shops and businesses are active and running. (And then eventually – I have formed the blueprint for becoming a judge in my Great Grandfather’s footsteps.)

In other news – my current M O O D are these songs and I’ve had an unfortunate little mishap with my first Miss Kittie video – for the Spiritual channel I’m creating… Actually the little mishap tells me that someone is upset their husband jilted them or something.

1. He was never yours and
2. he was ALWAYS thinking of me
and this one is important and no-one knows it better than I do
3. he’s a compulsive liar

Oh, earlier today I was sitting in the car listening to the radio – it was so, so amusing. I heard something about a “top secret document” being “leaked” from government offices – about the Police. This “top secret document” stated that the violence in London was due to “Police cuts”, and they had lots of actors (they’ve started using voice actors of colour: that speak patois, and cockney. Ha. To make it seem really genuine.) improvising (reading scripts – you can tell if you really listen) really emotive accounts of children who misbehave because they don’t see police on the streets. Hilarious.
A man was apparently terrified because of drug dealership in his town.


My intuition made me feel that actually this was a very clever form of “police protest” – by having people misbehave. The police are present for most demonstrations so they’re well aware of the methods of protest that actually work – and they know that actually… the majority of Protests are considered mostly a nuisance.

Police are fabricating riots to manipulate the media – who will in turn manipulate the public into thinking that we really need them. How many hundreds of thousands of officers do they have working on cases of “missing children”?? When it comes to Private Investigation you get much more answers – and often Private Investigators work alone and for a fraction of the cost.

Lets talk about Police Cuts.

When I was in the Apple store – a “scruffy” looking man who was truly dedicated to a drunken performance was doing parkour on the tables – jumping literally from surface to surface and not damaging a single one of the extremely expensive electrical items on them. I was sitting at a table waiting to be served by one of the geniuses at the Apple store and this guy leapt onto the table and was about two centimetres distance from me and an iPad. I filmed everything the moment I realised that the Police had stormed the shop – there were more than ten police people trying to “pacify” this one “scruffy” man. Move aside huge and physically intimidating security guard – we’ve got the Police patrol here to save the day. So – this guy managed to “run free” from the Police – and ran back towards the store. This whole facade was justified to the none-the-wiser Apple staff – because he apparently “hurt” a child. That was what I was told. I felt the weight of this parkour guy’s movements – if he had really hurt a child that child would have been screaming in agony. And as drunk and scruffy as he might’ve looked his movements were entirely precise – and falling can really damage your body if you don’t know how to. He knew what he was doing. Ask a Karate-kid mum whose clumsy son might accidentally walk into her or hit her without thinking – when your body is trained like that… if you cause damage, you really, really cause damage.
But talking about “Police cuts”… why did so many police people have to be in the Apple store for ONE MAN? This entire thing was obviously a façade – a complete fabrication.

And lets go one step further because this is important. EVERY TIME my father and I go to the petrol station – there are at least four Police officers there, wandering around, meandering through the aisles lookin’ for a snack, chillin’ in the queue, standing at the ‘breakfast bar’ island. Your taxes are paying for these guys to do that. EVERY TIME I go they are there. WITHOUT FAIL. Some time ago I thought it would be hilarious to document it – but I had previously been reluctant because I don’t personally like people taking my photograph without permission. But I think I can tackle that personal sense of ethics by blurring their faces out. The Police are – when they are working – public property. I have the right to ask for their names, the right to ask for the department they’re located at – all of that. (More importantly – so do YOU.)

Oh – and by the way… they like picking scrawny black boys to be “under cover” policemen. The thing about the (male) Police is that they’re all the kind of guys that, at some point, had a sense of personal power stolen from them – who idolised superheroes. Y’know. The most basic as it goes with psychology, because with jobs like policing – you don’t age. You are given too much power too early on in your life – you aren’t forced to experience any kind of true personal growth because you’re taught to believe that you’re acting on the behalf of the law. You can do what you like, take a girl out of her bed and rub her feet on your crotch for example *stares pointedly*.

I’ll take this back to my days as a student. I comfortably don’t purchase or use drugs so I’m very removed from that lifestyle – but I know a whole lot more than people might’ve thought. All the super wealthy students using Nokias were really just participating in an aesthetic. Nokias and a connection (or lack thereof to the internet) don’t mean anything in a four street town where everything is not only watched, but heard.

Remember that the Police actually know criminals – every “drug dealer” & student purchasing drugs in Farnham’s name was documented, ask anyone that got arrested and questioned. A list would get brought out for the person being questioned and some Police officer would read out a load of names. Just because a dealer asks a customer not to write ‘obvious’ text messages, for that dealer to truly believe that that person isn’t discussing where they bought the product with all of their friends, and their friends with their friends-friends … that dealer would have to be retarded. And actually the more retarded a dealer, the better. And are you dealing drugs to make friends? You are a prime candidate for Police observation.
The fact is that Farnham’s real local economy is circulated around Drug Dealership and addiction – the stoners that shop at Waitrose and take money out at the Waitrose ATM.
None of the residents on that four street town shop at any of the shops there.

Oh – and back to “budget cuts” or whatever – job cuts for the Police – when you get to know enough dealers – they’re all being stalked by the police, all being monitored by police and after enough time the police will just start parking outside their home. Try and accept that for every drug dealer that exists (MANY) – there are about four or five police officers thinking about them all-day-long. Following them etc.

The money being used to fund Police officers chasing kids who are buying and selling drugs would be put to much, much, MUCH better use rehabilitating drug users – most people with addiction are suffering with some kind of serious fucking life problems.
Yes, they might be a good looking and well spoken wealthy white boy with cash for a coke habit – but the familial problems of the wealthy are potentially even more frightening than that of the poor. Because wealthy men get away with EVERYTHING. Ask 99.9% footballers who have either participated in, or had a friend who participated in a gang rape of a girl they were certain couldn’t afford the kind of legal help that would successfully get them convicted.

Remember – if you want to be a criminal the best job for you is to be a Police officer. You can get away with murder.

A man got shot today because he told people he was carrying a gun. And even that… I struggle to believe. Why would someone who was carrying a gun tell everyone he was carrying a gun, unless he was mentally ill? And the police are not unfamiliar with the mentally ill – in fact they often PICK THE MENTALLY ILL UP AND TAKE THEM TO PSYCHIATRIC WARDS. So if it IS true – the Police knowingly shot a vulnerable person.

ALSO remember that the government like to commit crimes of their own – so think of both the Police and the Government as criminals who stay out of one another’s business.

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