FINDING INSPIRATION <3333333 GU/L AK/L TA/Light KKW/Mi KW/Light Atleast for today

As far as this posts title goes… Well. I love little code strings because I sometimes put collections of letters together to remind me of something and I reflect on them years later and they mean something completely different. It’s fun.

I had a very out-of-character day out today and explored London, searching for fashion design + graphic novel inspiration. You know how I am about minutiae.

It’s funny, I felt like I was being followed a bunch of times. I told my mother and she said she’d had a similar experience when she was younger. Hilarious. Imagine doing that with your life, following people. When you could be doing literally anything else.
I wonder if the pay is good.

somewhereinlondon 001

somewhereinlondon003.pngsomewhereinlondon 002


It’s taken hours upon hours to get this far on this blog post! Ha.

On three occasions I tried to upload the third instalment of this journey – and wordpress bizarrely couldn’t cope with it. I’m paying to use wordpress so … it’s not that it’s a little bit frustrating… it’s that it’s kind of unacceptable. (I’m grumpy)

Ok here we go – it now works. (If you don’t see images of a pink bombay restaurant it’s because the image has ~*mysteriously*~ disappeared.

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 12.58.12.png


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