I personally don’t see myself ever being able to have the patience to hang out with people’s children like this – but this is amazing inspiration for my kids channel.

Being in different people’s company can have a physiological affect on you – it can be a positive response or a negative one. Some people give me stomach aches, some people make me feel immense joy. That is called “energy” work. Some people call it “vibes” – which isn’t inaccurate  at all.
Mama Koku is such a good story teller that she legit makes me nearly tearful but also really happy. That is energy work.
I smiled and laughed watching this video – I really think this kind of immersive story telling is important for children.

She’s teaching the kids about other cultures outside of their own and that kind of inclusiveness is important for creating a future generation that appreciates the beauty of multiculturalism and pluralism.

I’m not going to be singing and dancing any time soon but I might like to try and animate it at some point.

I feel like people have a lot of expectations towards people that want to do the kind of jobs I want to do. Isn’t it weird, my collection of dream jobs..? You don’t have to like what I’m doing – it’s probably not really your thing.

What is important is that I’m trying to show you that your dreams are valid and deeply important. Abraham says – “present yourself as you mean to be and you don’t give a rip about how people receive you”. How Kanye of you, Abraham.

The best I can do, to be an example, is exactly what I want to. The best I can say is exactly what I feel to. People have never understood me and probably never will – that really isn’t my problem or theirs.

“you do you” – Leafy

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