My uncle Carlos and my cousin Alejandro are leaving London tomorrow morning, I think – perhaps the day after?

I told my cousin something it seems he didn’t know – about our grandmother. Our great grandfather (now passed) left a legacy my cousin seemingly hadn’t connected himself to.

Paraguay is a culture built on reputation and family names. I said “Mallorquins are royalty in Paraguay”. And he said “no we’re not – royalty in Paraguay are the families of powerful men who’ve built their reputation on the wealth they’ve acquired through theft”.

He’s been brought up by an amazing woman who isn’t a Mallorquin. My uncle was a “casanova” in his youth and had lots of dalliances with lots of women throughout his life, not unlike my Grandfather. But I told him that if our Grandmother had heard him say that she’d probably have slapped him. He laughed and agreed and said “You never mess with Conchita”

And something in me – my grandmother’s face in my head (and that is significant if you are a medium) told him that she did not die holding onto my grandfather’s name for nothing. She died alone. My Grandfather left her for another woman and she refused to drop our family name. And I said on my grandmother’s behalf – don’t ever let people make you forget who you are.

He told me about a girl he met – he signed up to do something amazing – he was doing charity work in Paraguay. By coincidence (Paraguayans are planners.) he met a lovely girl, her name had some essence of an old “friend” of mine. Just because people act like they don’t know who you are, doesn’t make who you are untrue.

By coincidence my cousin was too tired to continue his charity work. My uncle was low-key furious about it actually. My family has done so much for Paraguay – it’s an LEDC – the divide between the poor and wealthy is shameful. My grandfather built special schools and hospitals for the Guarani “Indians” – the indigenous people of Paraguay.

My uncle is a communist – royalty or not – he lives amongst criminals in Mexico and lives humbly. I had to tell him off for being stingy actually. Ha.

We can only, as human beings, speak absolute truth that is based on experience. I’ve learned a few things in my life – and I’m inclined not to be negative because I know that attracts a negative experience. But if I attract a negative experience from speaking a truth so that I can give you advice I will –

If people you don’t know, don’t have good manners in your company – they’re a waste of your time. Having good manners is not being submissive. It’s the opposite, I think. Learn to raise an eyebrow or smirk – learn to communicate without speaking.

Informality only comes with familiarity – true friendship takes a long time and you aren’t friends with someone you can’t argue with.

If being around someone makes you feel tired, you need to work out why.

I told my cousin about a very spiritual young woman called Willow Smith who would have never, EVER have been interested in a boy that was doing charity work and abruptly stopped – just like that, because he met a girl. And what kind of girl tolerates someone like that, that doesn’t stick to their agreements? And how can you ever aspire to be royalty if you haven’t learned how to be of service to others?

If you are tired, then rest. Every God energy portrayed by every faith or religion or mythology rests. But when you’ve rested then – you carry on working. And if a ship has sailed, you find another.

Lisa – my spiritual teacher – showed me this years ago, and isn’t Neytiri like a grown up Willow? Sort of reminds me of my scary grandma. I said to my uncle “Alejandro is marrying Willow.” and he said “DEFINITELY!”

In my opinion his girlfriend was not a good influence. And if I were in Paraguay I’d have said this in front of her, and in front of her family. I don’t care who they are or what they have and I know my Grandmother wouldn’t of either. She’s training to be a doctor – the level of responsibility that comes with a profession like that is great. So – she should know better than to get involved with someone who so easily disregards responsibilities like that. She could’ve taught my cousin an incredible lesson in responsibility if she had decided against dating him based on how he approached all of that.
So she can thank me for teaching her a lesson.
How can you be a boss if you surround yourself with people who are unreliable?
Better to be alone. Trust is a connection, and when you connect with people you share energy. Be careful of who you share energy with.

I didn’t tell him off but I know he’ll read it here – don’t ever be distracted from a destiny of great work by a pretty face. Or by a friend or family member that makes you feel like you’re less than you are. Don’t hold people in high regard if they aren’t prepared to do the same for you. Mistakes I’ve made plenty of times.

And it’s true – when you let people put you down or make you forget that your family has changed the World – you give them your power. No one really ever taught me that – I had to learn it on my own.
Actually – at some point I had a chat with a girl (Scorpio, obviously) who was sort of low-key into BDSM and she taught me the phrase “don’t give them your power like that!” People who experience the World on a Freudian level – where they connect everything to sex – are base. Low level. Functioning on a low vibrational frequency. The kind of person who can look at any kind of design and see a penis or a vagina. There’s nothing wrong with the sculpture of the human form – or looking for new ways to depict it – but – to me – people who are inclined to use their gift of sight to exclusively do that… are functioning on the lowest point of existence. Have you ever seen a colour-blind person glimpsing the colours of a rainbow for the first time?

I saw the kind of Art my cousin was inclined towards. He took out a Dali book, Dita Von Teese’s book and flipped through Tank magazine (an edition that came out years ago that had Araki’s work in it). A guide recently told me that to an extent that development in human sexuality is a much more honest means of regarding the pyramidal state of the Planet. But don’t confuse that language of observing human behaviour as any kind of acceptable life-style. Power is not something you use to massage a bruised ego – it’s something you use to help others to evolve.

People who are obsessed with sex and masturbation are the new proletariat – not having enough money to live on is really, really unfortunate (I’D KNOW) but being so stupid as to translate and convert an entire life experience to getting laid or belittling others is the kind of stupidity that yes, keeps you in that ‘proletariat’ state of being.
People’s addiction to sex and masturbation keeps the porn industry alive – and I LOVE the porn industry (I was raised by erotic artists) and if you can fund it right you’re potentially earning billions per second – but also it makes slaves of people – and it conditions men and women to think that what they see in pornography is how you’re supposed to look and how you’re supposed to have sex. But that’s not what this is about.

Addiction of any kind is a form of slavery.

To my cousin:

Not thinking you’re good enough and not knowing how to be alone – leads you to a fear of boredom. That is how addiction happens.
If you don’t think you’re good enough, at some point in time you simply stop trying to learn new things. You become afraid of making mistakes. You acquire a fear of being anything but “perfect”. Once you can laugh at yourself, you aren’t so scared of anything, aren’t too good to be “bad” at something.

Your dad has an issue with me smoking but if he wanted to have a long chat with me about why I smoke I would give him plenty of reasons. When you know why you’re doing something – you shouldn’t have to explain yourself to anyone. Knowing a real reason for “why” you act is “control”.

And, to me – the reason that the symbol for the Illuminati is an eye of sunlight on top of a pyramid is because power belongs to the observer who can see the truth. The truth is that, like an ants nest – humanity is built on a diamond structure. There is a pyramid at the top and there is a pyramid at the bottom. People – for one reason or another – strive to steal power. And if you value yourself you won’t seek people like that out.

I think the last straw was probably sitting in a room in Denmark just before I was going back to London – and beside my bed was a map that read “Palestina”. A friend of mine was sitting on my bed and casually told a guy I had liked – on the other side of my bed – about my Great Grandfather (he had been pretending not to know) and he used that as an opportunity to grimace at me as if his opinion was even remotely relevant – or acceptable to express. It was all around pretty offensive.
I said that I was pretty certain my family had been cursed for Israel – actually being spoken to by someone like that is shocking, it’s unbelievably bad manners – but Abraham Hicks would say that accepting you’re cursed is a choice. There are a variety of consequences you can choose for your actions – over generations. The actions or decisions of people you’ve never even met.
My personal choice is to inform people that it’s my family’s responsibility to resolve that conflict, because people are so self-motivated and so uneducated that they’re simply not capable of doing so.

My family are responsible for Israel – Israel exists once again because of us. This is an indisputable fact.

Palestinians are – in fact – Israelis. So that “conflict” is really – either a spiritual truth I’d describe as karma (could you imagine for a moment that the “Palestinians” might be experiencing the karma of the Germans?) or if you’re not spiritually inclined – actually… if you’re not spiritually inclined nothing I have to say is for you. We don’t share a vibration at this moment in time – and you’re welcome to continue listening to information that you’ve been force fed by people who think they’re educated because they have a degree or because there is a camera in front of them with a prompter telling them to tell you how to think under some hilarious guise of feigned and carefully scripted neutrality – when mostly… having a degree means you’ve been bequeathed outdated filtered generational propaganda.

I had a dream about my future kids who told me they only really like reading dictionaries and thesauruses and that they write their own stories. If you’re going to read a book – it’s to develop a new vocabulary.

When the UN were deciding where to send the Jews – they had varying geographical points based on where the twelve tribes of Israel had emigrated. Jews aren’t just the relatives of Europeans who were victims of genocide in Germany – they are Somalians.. Ethiopians.. so many people you aren’t inclined to accept to be Jews because they don’t fit some physiological collection of stereotypes you’ve been given. Actually many of the people I’ve seen to be Israeli are – in some way – in keeping with Hitler’s vision of human perfection so clap clap, you’ve out-done yourselves… (in terms of supreme stupidity.)

I had a really fascinating chat with my uncle about possibly visiting Mexico in July.
He told me a lot about that side of our culture – my grandmother – now passed – was Mexican. She was buried in a Frida-esque Mexican dress (having had make up tattooed to her face I’m sure she looked incredible.)

My cousin showed me photographs he’d taken on his phone, of the Inca pyramids … and I’ve been creating some dress designs (actually Abraham Hicks would prefer the term ‘CO-CREATING’ because when you think of someone while designing something, you are sharing energy.) and perhaps I might like to photograph my designs on models standing atop the pyramids or running through the markets…

I’ve just ordered a print I designed in organza, because I want to have a dress made with organza ruffles. I’ve been thinking a lot about Karl Lagerfeld & Alexander McQueen – (sounds an awful lot like Carl and Alej, no?) and really trying to merge their energies in some cosmic collaboration representing the Life/Death Matrix and by sharing energy and trying to be a conduit of their design-influence energy in fashion design I feel really proud of the sketches I did. There was no planning – they just kind of happened while I was bouncing back and forth listening to their videos. I designed the pieces thinking of two girls I’ve known – with two very different styles and personalities. (One a Gemini called Vanessa, one an Aquarius called Tash.)

Amazing – “I was always isolated from the rest”

I don’t want to give too much away – I really value these designs because I know they came from some really, really special source of inspiration. During a chat with my cousin about tattoos – he said “They don’t always have to have meanings” and I said something to the effect of – “everyting” (typo accidental, leaving it there) “has meaning” I pointed at a crude line in my mother’s kitchen interiors and said “that line has meaning”.
Later he compared me to a relative of mine and said “Shes here” and put his hand out to gesture one place and “youre here” – and I said “thats a spectrum and thats best illustrated by a line“.

I guess the pretty metaphor my cousin was illustrating kind of fits with Palestine and Israel. The person my cousin was describing is my polar opposite – she’s told a lot of lies about me, stolen a lot from me and people just love her. She treats people that look after her quite badly and doesn’t really have loyalty to anyone except herself. Having someone who is great at flirting, manipulation and making people look bad in your family is tough if you’re inclined to be quiet and gauge people before getting to know them.
If you believe in the butterfly effect it is relevant.

Really we work best through talking about business and then being apart. It’s interesting she wasn’t around for our chats about Israel and Palestine actually. She’s insulted and belittled my spiritual beliefs (not knowing that her own Aunt is a spiritual medium)/(not caring that it’s actually illegal in this country) – interfered in a lot of things she had no business interfering in and also insulted me when I’ve stuck up for her, to her friends – having asked them not to tell her that I’d done so. I don’t do things for a thank you, or a reward.

I was kind of channelling an anger about one thing into another when I got into these designs – and truthfully I don’t know why I’m drawn to this colour palette for these designs. Here is a little sneaky peak of what I’m having printed. It’s really a tiny section of what I’d like the final pieces to look like.






Trying to keep track of who I was sharing energy with per design I wrote the respective Designer’s names on the scribbles and Karl Lagerfeld’s came out looking… scarily like his signature actually.

So while fabrics were in my mind, an Abraham Hicks thought-journey told me to focus on Anansi. So I started listening to children’s stories on YouTube. This came up on my feed – and there was a discussion about “Kente Cloth”

So I did a quick wiki search and this came up. And actually that is a perfect description of the deeper places of my personal mood.

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 20.10.38.png

While I was in Denmark I remember a “glitch” app came out in celebration of the “Ghost in the Shell” movie and I’m sure that, too, had some contribution towards my little fashion design project.

My cousin expressed some interest in studying Piano. I think that’s worth considering when you sort out your depression. I love you and I see you becoming something amazing. Definitely see you achieving something far better than anything any of us have achieved, thus far.

I feel like this is you and your twinflame.
(Well. Willow already knows who her twinflame is – but that’s nothing for you to be concerned about. A Twinflame really means “your most elevated point of personal growth”. The person who can bring out your “true self”.)

Race you to Israel?

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