Last year I had a thing with a guy I’d liked for several years, I nicknamed him “kinky artist” (every guy I like gets a nickname). The first time we met I gave him an evil look… and saw Kitty in him. I was kind of a bitch the first time I met him, and throughout knowing him, but he found it amusing.

About three or so years passed without us speaking and then we we hung out and I was kind of vulnerable around him and that scared him off.
I hope he’s really happy doing whatever he’s doing.

The only differences between him and McQueen are that he’s very well spoken, not very creative for a person who can sculpt with glass and for someone so “unique” he’s kind of actually quite a square.

Alexander McQueen is wearing the same outfit, in this film still, that “kinky artist” was wearing when I last saw him. I’ll never speak to him again, but isn’t life strange?

Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 19.48.04.png

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