J U D Y & S T A N L E E

I spent most of yesterday being domestic … that is, tidying my room. I ironed my bedsheets for the first time ever.. then I ironed my sofa. I don’t know how every person on the planet doesn’t keep an iron and a hoover in their bedroom. I cleaned and tidied while I listened to Judge Judy on YouTube.

This morning I woke up early, had a cigarette in the kitchen and decided I’d be listening to Stan Lee while I worked. My room still isn’t finished so I’ll probably carry on tidying it at around 10 AM. (It’s 7:42 AM)

I’m editing the kids show I’m putting together… Here are some stills that I have scribbled on top of.


I’ve just designed the last of the emojis I think… (I’m having them illustrated by a manga artist, obviously)

emojis.jpgIt’s not that I don’t think I could expend the effort into doing my own, it’s that I think it’s important to try and invest in other Artists – I also want to go into this project with a “if you’re gonna do it, do it right” vibe – and finally… I think it’s really, really important to co-create. This channel might not be a forever thing – I’m aiming to try and do a video a month. But at least I can leave whatever I do on YouTube and be proud I did my best, in years to come.

There’s a really pretentious video of a twenty year old me having a cigarette while listening to How To Destroy Angels… The Lead singer is the most insanely beautiful woman called Mariqueen & she’s married to Trent Reznor from NIN.
Anyway. I can’t remember that YouTube’s log in info. How that stupid video has 5k views – I really, really don’t know. But I look at it and think “I could’ve put make up on?/put an interesting outfit on?/done my nails??/made some kind of effort”

(Babiesdippedinsugar was a reference to a blog owned by myself and an old friend – we really, really, really wanted to be sugarbabies. This was filmed in the ****~~~~Matrix house – a house I often referred to as ‘Haus of Unicorns & Psychix’)
How cute was my bedroom? I had a balcony that looked out onto Hackney.

I know I said yesterday that I wouldn’t be looking for an arts related job… now I’m sort of day dreaming about writing a letter to Stan Lee about interning, and offering to help him build up his new website. I’m sure he can afford plenty of people to help him but how else do you contact the Art Masters of today?

This is a really beautiful song.

There are bits in the interview with Larry King where Stan Lee talks about wanting more women to read comics – I think the one I’m writing is so important – it has so many female archetypes that I really don’t think have been depicted before, like this.

Stan Lee says his motivation for writing comics was Greed. I couldn’t get this character, from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood out of my head. Don’t you think theres some kind of personality correlation between Stan Lee and the character?!

Someone needs to write Stan Lee as a character.

I felt like this would be a hilarious interaction between Judge Judy – as Teacher – and Stan Lee – as Greed. They are actually two of my favourite characters in the whole show. Greed occupies the body of a Prince called Ling – also one of my favourite characters and they achieve really great work together.

I’m going to do ten things to my little project, send off some messages and then I’m going to tidy up my room and maybe make a video or something. I’m focusing on being productive and creating lots of work – to some positive end

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