MY MOVIE CAME OUT THIS MONTH. By my movie I mean Mary Magdalene’s. That woman that hung out with the most famous gang of all time, got accused of being a prostitute, had all of her writings stolen or removed from history, the woman that got accused of being insane, who fell in love with two guys who preferred to die than do the right thing… (They both sure did get a lot of female attention so I’m not so sure that she was the only one deserving of being called a ‘Prostitute’ for all of time)


I used to have a blog on GodsGirls.com, but that got deleted when the owner of the site and I fell out.
So I don’t have a GodsGirls account as Magdalene – I still have a >> LiveJournal << though. I had to go on the Safari browser to view it. It was authored when I was nineteen. Wild. Ha.
I know people think nineteen year olds are technically adults – but they’re not. Being legally allowed to have sex or live outside of your family home doesn’t make you an adult. I truly believe a person isn’t an adult until they’re thirty five – and thats if they’ve been raised properly by people who were raised properly – who were raised properly. Who had been exposed to challenges in life that made them aware of consequences, which is the most important aspect of being an adult, a functional adult. Even I had to learn consequences, really really tough consequences – for every stupid thing I ever did. Which is probably why I’d be a great candidate for practicing Law someday, when I’ve done all of the other stuff I feel I’m supposed to do and explored my childhood ambitions and dreams.

I really think people should get a new degree every five or so years, that the evolution of humanity depends on that. I remember some british guy once said that if everyone had a degree they would lose their value… that kind of embarrassing thinking is why people are mostly stupid. Education enriches the lives of all beings.

The pursuit of Education should be limitless and free. I know some people believe they’re above learning – and there are certainly many people that know much more than I do. But when I was at University I learned that even if you’re not necessarily learning something that some part of you doesn’t already know – there is a fantastic wealth of experiences and dialogues you can only experience in school – that teach you about yourself. “Know thyself”.

I know Johnny didn’t write this song, but he performed it. I associate the song with my ex boyfriend, his name was Kitty. We dated for almost four years… and I guess I’m reminded of that time in my life often – he looked a lot like the guy that plays Jesus in Lady Gaga’s Judas video. It’s cathartic… to think back. This video came out in my first year of University. I used to sit in the kitchen of 77 listening to this on repeat. Lady Gaga has moves… I wish she’d dance more.




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