F U C H S I A & F A D E 0 F

The first episode of the Kids show I’m doing is so exciting! I semi-negged myself into taking it a bit further & I’m being a little bit more experimental with it. Go big or go home, I guess. I’ve hired some artists to illustrate some of the assets, because I don’t think there’s anything more important than keeping Artists working. ^_^

Actually Abraham & Esther Hicks say it’s really important to co-create, all ideas belong to source. I think that the more I share, the more comes to me. I’m a little petty and reluctant to share stuff I do/think of – but actually a large part of my current creative state is due to me sharing/annotating everything I’m doing. If I inspire you please credit me!

DaniPandi is drawing my thumbnail image & its so0o0 fantastic. I’m in love with these preliminary sketches!

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 15.19.51

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 11.20.50.png

Think I’m going to go with G or H… I love all of them though… so it’s just so hard to choose!

Edited on 22nd March

Isn’t it coming along?! I LOVE IT
Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 18.51.58.png

DaniPandi has an instagram & you should follow her.

Wouldn’t Miss Kittie & Peaches the Cat be the cutest anime duo? Tintin is going to have a special e-episode of his own, of course – he’ll be playing the main character. Probably Anubis. I spent a fortune (not a fortune by anyone else’s standards I’m sure, but certainly by my *own* standards) on some more things to perfect my bedroom room & I’m already preparing for my next two? videos.

Here are some stills… Some super self-resenting ADHD part of me tells me it’s not really even nearly finished but I shut that part of me up by sitting in the kitchen in pure silence, smoking cigarettes & staring into space.

This ribbon – which has proven to be surprisingly difficult to animate – was designed by Jerick.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 15.33.19

My Grandmother embroidered my name & birth details into a beautiful little cushion that she hand-made, using this font, in baby pink. It’s in my head a lot, because of L from Death Note.. Maybe L is my heir, y’know? (Death Note enthusiast joke)
Some cute, telepathic, ultra psychic who calculates via his intuitions and feelings. People like that don’t just happen!

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 15.31.05

I sit like this sometimes, when I’m around people I don’t know so well, because I did Ballet. Also I had a lovely headmistress years ago – when I went to a school that is basically Hogwarts, who used to put her hands in her lap & was actually ridiculously feminine.

Thoughts of people I’ve seen and/or known, run through my head fast & I feel like I exchange something – watching through this video has been quite interesting because I recognised a collective of expressions and gestures that my “Miss Kittie” alterego must’ve liked and stolen?

I haven’t really been called Kittie since I was fifteen – but it’s a nickname someone who I don’t really talk to and I exchanged with one another for years. It’s weird when you spend a few years with a name, and then lose it for one reason or another – any little sound that you respond to connects to a vibration in your personal identity.
I don’t think many people have ever really experienced this me. Some have, but most people don’t really know how to engage with her so she disappears. She’s really easily bored. When I’m exposed to people – I am a completely different person.. People are like chemicals. When you share energy, you experience an alchemical change anyway. I am very, very selective about who I share energy with nowadays.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 15.31.33

We have someone in the house redecorating and it’s coming along pretty fabulously. Someone – either him or my mother – is listening to Jungle music. I can’t.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 15.31.54

This little grey cat (Peaches, thankyou; if you please) is a beanie baby I’ve had for a zillion years. Stolen back from the pack of chihuahuas who stole her eyes from her… Naughty Aztecs. Some time ago – I was on the search for a little kitten friend and I found an ad for a really beautiful little grey kitten with tiger-stripes & the lady said “we call her Peaches”. Ha. (Death Note enthusiast joke)

Peaches the Cat never happened – but the chat gave me a weird vibe, developed a League of Legends addiction & then got sectioned again.
I’m a lot more in control over my capacity to get weird vibes – when I get ‘weird’ vibes or ‘anxiety’ – which is not often at all actually – I chill with Abraham Hicks & Pinterest. There’s a lot to be said about the truth of Anxiety & weird vibes – but it’s a conversation for another time – a more honest time.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 15.32.18

This is a little crown I commissioned, isn’t it cuuuute?

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 15.32.45

I’ve been toying with dressing the way I visualised myself in my head for years – and I’ve been stealing bits from my various favourite anime characters. I’ve acquired the bravery to don a leg harness from Lulu (Final Fantasy X), Eren Jeager and Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan) – (I did a google search for them & there is so much Yaoi of them making out & it really, really grosses me out and I don’t know why…)

I don’t know who did the following pieces of art but they’re all lovely ~*~*



also I saw a pap-photo of Taylor Swift donning a super-casual-harness & looking amazing awhile ago.

>> I stole this photo off google <<

So uh, I bought these two items yesterday!

Isn’t it wonderful how this little dress sort-of looks like an A-line babydoll I designed ages ago?!


It’s nice to see these designs represented in physical because I had the patterns drawn up by an Artist & I’m having them sent to Syria, a relative of mine has a cotton factory. Syria has been pretty affected by the War – I think it’s important to do my bit.

Anyway… I have pretty big legs so I hope the harness fits. The back of the leg-bits are elastic rather than actually being made of belts – so.. we’ll see. I’m off to do some illustration, maybe add some more to the final edit of my episode while I wait for the assets to come in… harass my mother to take me to get some food…

“Do what you do best – and what you enjoy.” – Stan Lee

In this interview Stan Lee talks about doing the things he really, really wanted to do – and not doing everything he wanted to do. I’m doing a LOT of things at the moment – I know that generally successful people suggest that you should pick something and stick to it – but everything I do improves every other thing I do. Every tiny ambition or idea that I see through to any level, inspires something else. I’ve got SO much to do – and last night I had Esther’s voice in my head saying “You’ll NEVER be done! There will always be more to do” Exactly the kind of thing an eternal creature would love to hear.

What I enjoy the most about Picasso is that he introduced the notion of colour phases into my experience. So he had a ‘Blue’ period (my favourite) a ‘Yellow’ period (those sunflowers that make people want to kill themselves, ha)

Someone on Twitter recently direct messaged me telling me that they were applying for London College of Fashion, and asking if I had any advice as to how to get in.

When I was in sixth form college I had a phase of spray painting a lot. (Actually – the first time I ever really got to spray paint anything I was in my first year of secondary school – we were asked to build a model of a ‘castle’ for a history class, I didn’t have enough time to create exactly what I wanted to so it was crude, incomplete & not all that enjoyable a memory: because not being given the time I need to finish simple but time-consuming work has perpetuated an uncomfortable behavioural cycle.. but I remember, it was grey and it had a HUGE wall around it.) (Also my favourite tactic in Age of Empires has typically been to surround my people & their homes with huge walls. And further huge walls. If you know the Age of Empires script of the place I liked to live in… you had to learn to act preemptively. The opposing teams would always either invade or ask for trades I was nowhere near able to meet the standard of. My idea of conquering any place is to live really well with what I’ve got & focus on acquiring resources & building a comfort & resilience that results in long-term stability that renders offenders quite harmless. It’s a LONG haul game of mine.)

My mother had enjoyed stencilling when we lived in Dubai and I guess that gave me ideas when I first got my first chance to play with a Stanley knife. I was pretty good at making fluid cuts in card and I made my own stencils. When it was time to go to art school I put bought my first portfolio case (A girl I was “Friends” with had a tremendously fancy snake print one made of leather and mine really wasn’t so fancy) so I stencilled a very simple red heart with a crown… then I scribbled an outline over it with white paint.

Sometimes I reflect and sort of think that whatever work I had created actually wasn’t all that spectacular, there were far better creatively-talented people who could draw & paint far better than I could – applying for the same course, I think really that it was being unlike anyone else that got me into some of the best Art Schools in the World.


I’m in a Fuchsia & “Fade0f” shade of yellow phase, inspired perhaps by the iconic Selfridges bag that I forgot in Copenhagen… This one hilariously has my dad’s bank details scribbled on it. He’s uh… changed his card now.


My sister bought this antique French dresser a zillion years ago and I’ve adopted it & r*o*c*k*s*t*a*r*r*e*d it up a bit. It’s not finished of course, but can you see how delightful this colour combination is?!


Sacred Hearts represent a very particular Jewish love triangle between Mary Magdalene, Judas & Jesus Christ (and their little wizards) – they founded a whole new religion… So that eventually… they’d remember everything.
Twin Flames don’t actually work without their soulmates. Soul families require being intimately surrounded by various energies in order to grow. My twin and I will never, ever work – but it’s nice to know you’re real. Also I will be helping other people to find theirs, like my older brother. He’s Jewish but he seems to practice Islam – perhaps only so he can be with his soulmate and his Twin. He definitely needs both & actually I believe that they both don’t realise how much they need him. If I’ve been of any influence in their lives, it’s with full credit to their twin that I was so so lucky to grow up with, in varying forms. My brother has a tacky/hilarious tattoo of a sun smoking a joint donning a pair of sunglasses… you’ve no idea how significant this is to his epic love triangle (1. Syria is the land of the Sun (He didn’t know that when he got it.) 2. I borrowed a pair of sunglasses from his Psychology Masters Fashion Designer Saudi Arabian soulmate – and his Pakistani Twin is from a weird regal-warrior-place near the Himalayas that also sort of low-key worships the Sun – reads Tarot and has some kind of hilarious not-addiction-but-definitely-an-attachment-to-weed (like my brother) who helped me to believe that my dreams were on their way to coming true.
If you think it’s a coincidence that a schizophrenic (terrifyingly telepathic) guy’s future family has two strong, beautiful, mean (he is MUCH meaner btw), awesome looking slutty sluts … you need to listen to Abraham Hicks because we all do and we all know there’s no such thing as a coincidence.

Also – for anyone who isn’t looking like their childhood mental image of themselves in their head, this is for you. Insecurity is a form of mind-control. Even if you were “perfect” looking, if you hadn’t learned how to shut the insecure thoughts up you still wouldn’t be good enough.
From Omari

Now… to meditate a bit to Abraham Hicks, scan in tomorrow’s blog post, tidy up my bedroom a little…

THINK I’ll start with this one

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