When I was trying to work out a colour palette for my debut video on my little spirituality-for-kids channel, I edited this little collection of bloopers – and it disappeared from my laptop. I didn’t even bother rolling my eyes but instead started working on the final version. And only moments ago, that disappeared from my laptop too! Then: out of nowhere this one showed up again. So here are the fantastic bloopers. I filmed this without a preconceived idea for a script, while I was listening to an Abraham Hicks talk which actually synchronised with what happened shockingly well…

I got HONEY in my HAIR. I’ve spent the last few days editing & sorting out my bedroom… I haven’t had the time to wash it out. I’ve literally not had the time! Honey is really good for hair though so it’s fine. Uncomfortable, but fine.

I got a very cute storyline for my mini-movie out of nowhere – and that is pretty much how Life, The Art of Manifestation and Attraction… and everything remotely challenging & enjoyable about existing works. I’m excited to show you the final outcome!

I messed about a little with sounds too. Music isn’t my forte but there are some cute tiny bits that I’m proud of.

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