T W I N K L E , T W I N K L E , D R E A M *~

I’d like to begin this by saying I have a huge crush


A whole load of years ago, when iPods transitioned to iPhones – I sent a message to a guy I was seeing, in between one of the 8-hour naps I had been taking. So the touch-screen-technology experience was still a novelty at this point. My message said “Swipe for Magic!”

And then, I put lots of asterixeseses, squiggles and symbols into the message – which I thought were magical looking. Kind of like this –


He rang me up and told me that he swiped the stars, really believing that something magical would happen – perhaps some kind of beautiful phone-explosion. It’s funny to me, because he was so vehemently atheist and his feet were firmly cemented in empiricist philosophy  – so the idea that he could swipe a piece of technology expecting some kind of magic is something of beauty.

One time when we were seeing each other, we were having a huge argument about my belief in magic… a really horrible argument. A huge flock of parakeets (We apparently have those in Ealing – my mother’s town – but really – the flock was huge) idly flew onto an Apple tree in my mother’s garden. They sure pacified the silly argument we were having. (Arguing is really rooted in passion anyway – I had a relationship with a guy I never argued with and I have not on one single occasion missed him since we broke up – before I went to Copenhagen.) Anyway – I’d like to think that little exchange between myself and this guy (his nickname was “Elusive Fox”) inspired this video… oh! I’ve finally gone about creating that kid’s channel that I mentioned in my last post.

Oh! Also I think I can’t go without admitting for a moment how in love I’ve always been with animations by Don Bluth… Thumbelina is sooo beautiful! (I’m the camp Swallow, archetypally. By the way.) Isn’t Thumbelina such a sugarbaby?!

I kind of think that Cornelius is actually gay & that he should’ve atleast tried dating the Swallow and that Thumbelina should’ve married the blind mole and had a million boyfriends on the side. But that’s just me

“We’ll seeee the Uuuuuniverse and dance on Saturn’s riiiiinggssssssss”

(The videos yet to come but I think the super fabulous Auntie Sophie inspired my aesthetic.)

I’ve always wanted to make Art for kids – and I think this is along the vein of doing so. Teach what you know best, right?

Ok – this is kind of serious but I know the people it’s intended for have a tendency to not take me very seriously. This is really, really important.
I know I attract people with a dark sense of humour, and I know my interests/personal aesthetic/art appreciation & endeavours take me to all sorts of child-inappropriate places (Like PornHub) …. (which is why my ideal audience has to be a child who probably can’t read yet) … but please don’t associate that stuff with this. Just have a little respect – if not for me, then for any vulnerable person that might come across my channel that isn’t really ready to see some of the stuff I enjoy looking at.

I know I’m an easy target here, but don’t make a target of anyone else – and try not to make an excuse to justify ruining this for me, ok?

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