I’m very reactive… which means I’m not particularly consistent. That would be a quality that makes some people uncomfortable, it’s certainly something that often makes me incompatible with other people. It doesn’t bother me, I’m very comfortable with that aspect of myself. The only person, being or entity who really has to love me at all is me. And no one does it better.



I “borrowed” this top, it belongs to my mother. I think it was a gift from my sister. It’s from Zimmerman. I am a Sleeves, Hosiery & Shoes person. Textures and Light and Colour are everything. Such autism/hyper sensitivity

I should go and hang it up but uh
so0o0o0o lazy

Actually i’m multitasking/doing stuff in hours that takes most people months/years/a 500 person team of over-paid creatives with incentives like personalised chef-made meals delivered on delightful/fancy trays and allotted slots for naptime breaks, and lazy is rather a lovely but frankly inappropriate word to describe my state of immobility

Like, I could choose to use my energies to make my room immaculate or choose to work. and I choose to work.
Because not making the absolute most of the feeling of inspiration is an absolute no-no in karina land.

I’m sure you find this all tremendously fascinating


This underwear is old. I’m actually really impressed with how well this pair has lasted over literally like, eleven years. Inexpensive underwear for the win. (I say that but actually I don’t mean it, underwear-gods)

I have lots of bills to pay this month. Not lots of bills, but like. I got this wireless dongle from EE back when I was staying in the halfway house two years ago and I know they know I don’t use the service, and yet somehow they still think it’s okay to keep me bound to some weird contract. We have nothing to do with one another, EE, you’re actually just stealing from me. I’d ring you up and have a bitch fit but I don’t even want to talk to you right now. You have no manners and you steal. Rude

So, yes. I could choose to pay those bills or I could choose to buy myself fancy french knickers; or even some lip injection top ups but i’ma choose to pay my bills because in spite of my guiltless narcissism I actually kind of hate myself.


Just kidding, HOW could I hate myself I’m SUPER

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