Throughout my life I have hummed a collection of songs… It’s strange, the things we’re compelled to store in our memories, to revisit and ruminate upon later.

This was the first actress I had ever seen that looked like me. Perhaps the first girl I had a crush on. She’s technically older than me, don’t make this weird. Also I have a shallow-hal toe so it’s like.. this song was for me. Made before I was born tho. Almost like someone watched this and thought “I’d have her as a daughter!”
Also child-me would have LOVED to live in this orphanage, with a rockstar-drunken-sexy-nighty-donning-alcoholic. Those girls are SO much fun, singing in unison.. doing casual acrobatics.. perfectly synchronised formation flips and everything. If I have children and they can’t do flips by age six I am sending them back

This song, I don’t know & can’t explain. I appreciate this make up could be considered offensive to a black person but I’ve actually never seen a black person that looks/dances/dresses like this so… being offended is unnecessary. Things white people have done throughout history have been unnecessary and often embarrassing. The correct response is pity or just to appreciate the song that has been stuck in my head since infancy.

I love this rendition… Anna Caterina Antonacci’s psycho eyes are just perfect

I love this version featuring Elina Garanca too, and it has the lyrics. Which are important, I feel. I’m usually a lyric person but these are my inner hummmmmmm

OMG this one is perfect for my humming style

Finally.. this one… FYI I am BAGHEERA. I know Baloo belly dances but I’m actually not Baloo at all. I’m a get-this-kid-out-of-my-face-out-of-my-jungle-off-my-tree-cos-I’m-not-a-fucking-nanny Bagheera.

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