Waiting for clay to dry…

So you may (or may not) remember that I started >> a little craft project. <<
Incase you don’t remember… Let me refresh your memory!

I’m making this clay piece for an idea I have for a kids channel I’m putting together on youtube. It’s very much an experiment at this stage – but I’ve been working on it for a little while.

So here is a little rundown of the process of putting together a little Bastet candle holder.


I started off by sketching a little design (below) & creating the basic shapes using a discarded cardboard roll, blunt kitchen scissors & mummification bandage (modrock, above!).


This is how she looked while I was waiting for the bandage to harden.


I ordered clay on Amazon awhile ago but it’s taking time to arrive… so, being inpatient as I am, (and – FYI – I am SO inpatient) yesterday I visited Hobby Craft & bought this Air Drying Clay… I  watched a couple of clay modelling tutorials on youtube & realised that I actually don’t know anything about it. All I know is that I value my time and I need something that dries fast. :p

I struggled at first, with uh… trying to work out how to get the clay to stick to my little modrock cat-babe but this youtuber came to my rescue. Isn’t it amazing how we have so much access to all this knowledge now? You can use youtube to learn about ANYTHING.


Here are some obligatory macros (I live for macros) of everything.


How cute are these tools?! Zoella kind of got me obsessed with copper coloured things. I mean, technically this is “rose gold” (which would be difficult to tell by my colour correction, but I wanted to colour coordinate with the pretty tutorials I included in this post..) but looky! So0o0 pretty. The tool-handles are textured and they match my mermaid tail brushes, I think.


Hopefully the clay will actually stick to the modrock…


In any case it’s a fun learning process. Hopefully it’ll be a successful project, so I can get to making my cute crafts video.

This video came up next on my feed. SO CUTE. Insta-follow’d

The beautiful colours of the macaron inspired me! So… Here is a sort-of illustration of what she might look like when she’s finished.


Edited {Later on this same evening she started looking a little cuter!}
{The colours are different so excuse the lack of colour-continuity}


My leggings are a mess but maybe I could design some like these… I think they look kinda cool.


Madre’s put on Disney songs for the chihuahuas for the most part of the day and they’ve been really happy about it. They’re usually such Taylor Swift fans! (Though not Tintin, so much)

Today I had a great final appointment with my psychiatrist. I asked him to listen to a particular Abraham Hicks video, where she speaks with a psychiatrist – who on the one hand was a fan of Esther and Abraham but on the other, works with people who engage with a reality that isn’t quite apparent to him. Its sort of a really amazing conversational exchange that I don’t think has ever been documented before. My psychiatrist said he’d watch, I told him that I’d really appreciate if he considered suggesting Ester & Abraham to his patients and he said “we do suggest various meditations” (he is more articulate than my memory is dictating him as being) and I told him that over many years I’ve tried numerous meditations but it was really through Abraham that I actually got better, that my life changed noticeably. I kept really rudely interrupting him every time he tried to speak because I felt so comfortable speaking – I haven’t in ages, really. With anyone. I think he worked that out though. He said he’d share Abraham with his team and I hope he does.

Before I went to University I had a spiritual teacher that I talk about so, so frequently – “Matrixesque oracle” – essentially she told me numerous times not to do drugs. The reason being that my being put in a psychiatric ward was always going to happen – but when I was it, my experiences were put down to drug use and that was wrong. I was given the wrong diagnosis, robbed of an opportunity to be properly studied for the things I was experiencing. I know I will never be sectioned or put on psychiatric medication again – but I know that other people like me will be filtered through the system and I think that if I can trust a team of people to consider Esther Hicks as an example of someone like me (who has a much greater control over her emotional state!) that the world will be a completely different place in a year from now.

Oh, then I asked him if I could see him for a final appointment. I think he knows it’s because I want to know what he thinks of Abraham and Esther.

And when I got back in the car with my ma, I had a pretty honest chat with my her about my experiences – and she told me about how one time – when my Grandmother (Who-would-DESTROY-me-for-calling-her-that. We-just-called-her-“Conchita”, although-her-name-was-“Concepcion”) was pregnant, my Aunt Norma (an infant at the time) came and said to her that “Jesus is taking your baby away now”. That night she went into labour and the baby was born with it’s umbilical cord fastened around it’s neck. My grandma also died that evening. But she came back.

Oh! And one time my Aunt Norma refused to go to this country club my family went to in Paraguay because she knew a little boy was going to drown… Of course, he did. If a child had told me about that I’d have said “well then we HAVE to go! And you’re going to swim in that pool ALL DAY!”

I’m uh, going to go downstairs – my dad wants me to “see something” (it means he wants to show off a meal he’s made) anddddddd then I’m gonna come back upstairs, watch some Gaspard Ulliel interviews, fall asleep and make some memes about my starsign when I wake up. (#Ophiuchus, btw.)

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