In the past someone told me that they thought it was a little weird that I liked posting photos of objects/rooms, stuff & minutiae. I LOVE ever-changing environments/interiors. My room is chaotic & I really wanted to share this hella cute colour palette, before everything gets scrapped, repainted, reupholstered, wall papered, the floor ripped out… blahblahblah.

I’ve got some cute ideas for a kids youtube channel in the works & I have to act fast because I’m on a Final Cut Pro trial. I’m not sure it’s the editing software for me but I’m not one for wasting an opportunity to try something new.

menaresluts.pngYesterday I stormed Hobby Craft for faux flowers made of silk, clay & faux gem$… I should’ve made an iPhone diary about it but I was lost-in-the-shopping-zone. I just picked stuff up without checking the prices (I was on a limited budget, and I avoid using my brain for mathematical calculations)… I went over to the till & somehow was pennies short of spending my full budget. It was legit magical.

Speaking of storming… Welcome to the World, Chi West & Stormi Webster. Imagine how much fun all those cousins are going to have growing up with one another!? Kind of like siblings!? I hope we get to see the next generation of rockstar royalty hanging out on the show.

I *really* enjoyed this Wendy Williams video. Wouldn’t it be epic to have your birth announced by Wendy!?

This morning I bought some really awesome things off Amazon.. I think I have a photoshoot this weekend!?!!?!!? If the footage comes out right I’d like to use it for my online store. So fun. Much excite. I’m gonna use my MAGNUM face. You know the one.

I’ve got what I think might be my last appointment ever with my psychiatrist in less than two hours and I’m in a really, really good mood. Today is gonna be a good day. Gotta go have a cigarette, have a military-power-shower, have some kind of morning-inappropriate snack … maybe charge my phone if I can locate the chargey-wire thing.

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